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Extra Fuel Emergency Gas is safer than a Jerry Can


A much safer alternative, it seems, is a product called Extra Fuel. It works with any regular gas engine in a car, but it doesn't contain the volatile chemicals found in conventional petrol gas.

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Cardiac Arrest Cooling Vest Could Reduce Brain Damage


When the brain is deprived of oxygen--as is the case with a heart attack or a stroke--there is a distinct possibility of permanent brain damage. A prototype cooling vest and zeolite chamber aims to prevent as much brain damage as possible.

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Help! The Android Emergency App That Could Save Your Life


Joseph Reilly guy has so far collected pledges in amount of $866 for just two days of the "Help!" app being announced as a Kickstarter project. His goal is $7,700, let's hope he will get it in the next 29 days of funding period or else.

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Emergency pagers for college students: Will it fly?


In an effort to combat parents' lack of trust in college crisis management systems, IntelliGuard is offering a work-around for post-secondary institutions to bypass mobile networks with emergency alerts.

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911 emergency reporting upgrade coming soon


Text messaging is second nature to us, so why not utilize our addiction for the greater good? In keeping with the times, the FCC will soon "approve" the ability to send a text message to emergency personnel.

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