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Ivanpah Solar Power Facility (Photos)


Check out 25 photos of the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility, the largest solar power plant in the world.

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Mad Scientist Creates Real Life Tesla Gun (Video)


We've seen Tesla coils before, but nothing quite like this. Rob Flickenger has thrown caution to the wind and has built one extraordinary Tesla Gun. And it really works, complete with an incredible 20,000 volts and 2,000 amps of pure electrifying excitement.

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Robojelly: The Hydrogen-Powered Robot Jellyfish (Video)


What you see in the above picture is Robojelly, a robot jellyfish designed by the researchers at Virginia Tech, which could be very useful in the future for underwater surveillance or search and rescue operations. You might be thinking that there is nothing new about a robot inspired by nature, but the robot jellyfish has a new trick up its sleeve. Theoretically, the Robojelly will go on working without ever running out of energy, as long as it’s in water.

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Gates-Backed TerraPower Working Towards Next-Gen Nuclear Power Reactors


Last week, Gates revealed that his nuclear power startup is in talks with the government officials in China regarding their fourth-generation nuclear power technology.

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Fire-Fighters Could Extinguish Flames With Electricity Instead of Water


A group of researchers at Harvard University described the possibility of firefighters battling flames not with water, but with electricity. The researchers drew on earlier observations that electricity can control the shape of flames and applied it to quenching fires.

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Prototype reactor uses the sun to generate storable hydrogen fuel


Ready for another green energy alternative? You may already be familiar with solar panels and may have just equipped your home with geothermal heating, but what can you do to convert the sun's rays into energy that is easily stored and transported?

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True Wireless Power to Be Broadcasted Soon?

True Wireless Power to Be Broadcasted Soon?

One of the hottest new technologies is the wireless power that we find in the Palm Pre Touchstone and similar products, but they still need to make physical contact. WiTricity takes this concept to a whole new level by sending power over short distances. You may have seen the “conductive” chargers for Wii Remotes, cell phones, and other similar products. ...

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