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This Cheetah Robot Is Silent And Eco-Friendly (Video)


A new Cheetah robot.

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Harley-Davidson Electric Motorcycle (Video)


Check out the first electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson.

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Tesla Has Made Its Patents Public For Advancements In Technology


Tesla hopes to encourage advancements in electric vehicle technology by sharing its own tech with everyone.

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Rubbee: Turn Your Bicycle Electric In Seconds (Video)


If you already have a bicycle but would like to get electric power support once in a while, maybe all you need is the Rubbee. This unique 'converter' can connect to a regular bicycle in just a few seconds, and comes off easily as well.

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Scoot: iPhone Enhanced Electric Scooter Rentals


Those of you who rely so heavily on the iPhone, so much so that it is is the key to outside world, you'll be amazed to see it's also the key to an electric scooter. But not just any electric scooter, we are talking about the Scoot from San Francisco-based startup Scoot Networks. The company plans to rent out Scoots as a cheap and eco-friendly way to get around, and all you need is your iPhone to start the vehicle.

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Who Bricked The Electric Car? You Did!


According to an article by Michael Degusta over at theunderstatement.com, if a Tesla electric car, such as the Roadster is parked unplugged, it will eventually become what the company calls a "brick". The vehicle can no more be started or even pushed down the road. This is the result of the car’s always-on subsystems which continually feed on the battery.

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The ZBoard Weight-Sensing Electric Skateboard


Tired of burning soles on the road for a ride on your skateboard? The ZBoard, claims to be the "world's first weight-sensing electric skateboard", and it will save your shoes by letting your weight do the work.

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It Would Actually Be Smart For Mercedes To Build Forspeed Electric Roadster Concept


Just ahead of the Geneva Auto Show at the beginning of March, Mercedes has unveiled their never-to-be-produced all-electric smart forspeed concept roadster.

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