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Evatran’s plugless power to make life easier for all electric car owners


Electric cars will never need to be plugged in again with Evatrans new "hands-free power" technology. Although we haven't really had any time at all to deal with the high voltage cables or plugs that are required to charge our EVs. This new invention uses a wireless induction charger (one massive Powermat) which beams electricity wirelessly.

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Is that a giant iPod or a Blink EV gas pump?


Frog Design and ECOtality reveal the Blink, an electric vehicle charger for residential and commercial use set to change the way we fuel automobiles of the future. With its sleek aesthetic and user friendly touch screen, it looks more like a giant iPod than a car charger. This touch screen however is more than just a pretty face; it communicates via smart phone and the Web about information regarding energy consumption and most inexpensive times to charge your EV.

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