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Lit Motors C-1 Self-Balancing, Fully-Enclosed Motorcycle is Awesome


Concepts and renderings are one thing, but a fully functioning prototype that does what the designer dreamed it could do, is well, just plain awesome.  Especially when it's a gyroscopically controlled motorcycle with a fully enclosed outer shell.

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$70,000 Orphiro Electric Motorcycle Cruiser makes green sexy


A new electric wide body cruiser, the Orphiro Electric Motorcycle will be coming out this September. Built from scratch by Alexander Steegh and his team from the Fontys University of Applied Science, the cruiser aims at changing the general perception on electric cruisers for the better. With a battery range of 60 miles and a top speed of 75mph, the Orphiro shapes up pretty nicely for an electric cruiser.

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Brammo Engage and Encite Electric Bikes first to shift gears


We've already seen that electric cars need not be slow and boring, and the same thing is happening with bikes too. These are mostly designed for the motocross circuit, complete with uneven terrain and all kinds of jumps. No numbers are released, but Brammo promises that these two-wheelers have plenty of oomph to get you into the race.

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Lito Sora Electrobike Boasts 300km Range, 200km/h Top Speed


There are several folks who boot around Vancouver here in electric scooters. They're compact, they're efficient, they're quite as hell and they get the job done. They're also as slow as molasses and just about as interesting. The Lito Sora from Montreal is of a completely different breed.

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Swappable Batteries To Ease EV Charging


As charging times and locations are one of the problems facing electric vehicles, three companies are jumping on board with a way to solve the problem: Swappable batteries.

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Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle ahead of its time


Brrammo has demonstrated a pre-production prototype of their new electric motorocycle, the Empulse. What looks like something from the Mad Max era, the Empulse can clock in over 100 mph and can reach a 100 mile range on a single charge.

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