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Asus Gets Confused with Eee PC VX6S Lamborghini


Maybe I'm missing something here. I'm in Taipei for Computex and I made my way over to the Asus booth. Naturally, the Padfone is a pretty big draw, but the netbooks and notebooks are pretty important too. Then, I saw the Asus Automobili Lamborghini Eee PC VX6S and I'm left scratching my head.

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Asus Eee Pad to Enter Tablet PC Market?

So, the current expectation is that the Apple Tablet will be ready for primetime next March or April. It has the potential of really changing the market, much like what the Cupertino crew were able to achieve with the Apple iPhone. Well, it seems that Mac won’t be the only ...

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Asus Eee PC 1008P with Pine Trail Atom CPU

As if there weren’t enough variations within the Asus Eee PC line of netbooks already, here’s another one for your buying consideration. If you can get past the loud pink paintjob, you’ll discover that this could be the most powerful Eee PC to date, thanks to the next-generation Pine Trail ...

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Nvidia Ion Graphics with Asus Eee PC 1201N Netbook

Oh my, how the netbook market has changed. When we were first introduced to the form factor, we got rather anemic specs and tiny keyboards. These days, the lines are certainly blurring between what it means to be a netbook and what it means to be an ultraportable notebook. Further ...

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