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iBooks 2 To Change School And Learning


Unveiled simply as the new textbook category in iBooks 2, Textbooks for iPad is supposed to provide students with a more modern way to learn than the old dead tree edition textbooks. Since it's on the iPad, it should come as little surprise that these new e-textbooks (or iTextbooks, if you prefer) are interactive. You get multitouch gestures, dictionary lookup integration, annotation, text highlighting, note-taking capabilities, and virtual note cards for later studying.

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Intel Backs Kno with $30M, Sticks It to Apple


The consumer market can be pretty lucrative. The enterprise market can be particularly lucrative too, but the educational market is one that is still largely untapped by the rising popularity of tablets. Well, Kno wants to change that and they're doing it with some big bucks from Intel.

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Apple iPad given to every Seton Hill University student

Seton Hill

The Apple iPad is carving out a new niche of its own, offering the same kind of functionality as an e-book reader, but tacking on those apps, media players, and web browsing capabilities too. It seems that at least one school is recognizing its educational potential, and instead of heading to the bookstore at the beginning of each semester, the students of Seton Hill University will be able to purchase their learning material and have it sent directly to their iPads. That's forward-thinking and could represent the future of university textbooks.

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