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Amazon Kindle knock off is $89 less


The Amazon Kindle is the current reigning champion over the kingdom of e-book readers, but some people may be discouraged by the higher retail price. If you don't care about branding, you may be better off looking at this unit from Boeye, since it is a shot-for-shot duplication of the Kindle DX.

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CES EXCLUSIVE: Samsung ebook reader for Google Books


The trend may have started with “just” the Amazon Kindle, but the push toward ebook readers has certainly been thrust into the forefront in recent months. Not to be outdone, Samsung has decided to enter this realm too, but the newly announced Samsung E6 and E101 readers come with quite the powerful backing. Whereas the Kindle has Amazon and the ...

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Skiff Reader Offers Big eBooks in Thin Package


The original Amazon Kindle wasn’t the first ebook reader to market, but it was the one that popularized the format. Amazon went a little further it released the Kindle DX, going with a bigger screen. Going even further is the Skiff Reader with its 11.5-inch display. This doesn’t get the same integration with the online Amazon store as the Kindle, ...

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Floodgates Open for Pirates of the Amazon Kindle

Say what you will, but the idea of a portable MP3 player didn’t really catch on until the pirates got a hold of it. It was only after they figured out how to rip CDs and operate file-sharing networks on the Internet that everyone wanted to do the MP3 thing. It seems that e-books could be taking a similar turn. ...

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How to Get $100 for Ordering the Nook eReader


Well, I guess the title of this post is a little misleading, since your opportunity to get a “free” $100 has pretty much passed you by. Even so, this seems to be an interesting strategy on the part of Barnes & Noble when it comes to its new dual screen-wielding e-book reader. The Nook is pretty hot. In fact, the ...

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Barnes & Noble Nook Browses Web, Tweets Too

When I was interviewed by Joseph Planta of The Commentary, we had a brief discussion about the world of ebook readers and whether these devices would really replace the “dead tree edition” books in the near future. Sean Cranbury chimed in saying that he wouldn’t buy one until they were multi-purpose and multi-function. Well, it seems like that day could ...

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Marvel Digital Comics Show Up on Sony PSP

It was promised several months ago that the Sony PSP would get loaded with a huge array of digital comic books and now that promise is finally coming to fruition. In between sessions of Little Big Planet, you can peruse through everything from Iron Man to the Incredible Hulk on your favorite Sony handheld. The PlayStation Network has just launched ...

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Canadian iPhones Get Kindle App Too

The Amazon Kindle isn’t quite as new as it used to be, but it was only one month ago that the e-book reader was officially offered to Canadians. If you’d prefer not to buy a separate device for your reading habit, then you’ll like today’s announcement. The Kindle App for the iPhone gives you the Kindle experience right on your ...

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No Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader Until Next Year

You see? This is why it pays to get your holiday shopping done early. Right when the Barnes & Noble Nook was announced late last month, we had a good feeling that it’d be a hot seller among Christmas shoppers. A couple of weeks ago, we learned that it was more popular than expected. Well, this popularity has pushed the ...

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Amazon Kindle Finally Comes to Canada


The original Amazon Kindle only worked within the United States and then we were introduced to the Kindle US & International Wireless edition for some foreign roaming. Unfortunately, you still needed to be in the United States to get it. That has now changed. Canada, as well as several other countries around the world, can now order the Amazon Kindle ...

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Barnes & Noble Nook More Popular Than Expected

When the Amazon kindle first hit the scene, people got pretty excited about the new e-book reader. Well, the Barnes & Noble Nook could represent the first major competitor to the Kindle and pre-orders seem to be going very well. In fact, they’re going too well. Barnes and Noble is now saying that the higher than expected sales numbers are ...

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First Flexible E-Book Reader Coming from Bridgestone?

This whole e-ink thing was around before the Amazon Kindle hit the scene, but the same can be said about MP3 players before we saw the first Apple iPod. It seems that e-book readers could be the next big thing, but they’re all so stiff. Ironically enough, the first flexible e-reader could be coming from Bridgestone. Yes, the same Bridgestone ...

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Amazon Kindle for PC to Invade Windows 7 Tablets

You know how the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader was announced earlier this week? It seems that the crew at Amazon are fighting back, but it’s not without another piece of hardware; it’s with eBook software for your Windows-based computer instead. Barnes & Noble already had a software solution that allowed people to buy and read e-books on their ...

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Barnes & Noble eBook Reader Challenges Amazon Kindle


The Amazon Kindle is about to face some potentially stiff competition. Competing bookstore Barnes & Noble is entering the digital arena with the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook Reader. This is a direct competitor to the Kindle and offers much of the same kind of functionality… and more. You know, like bringing color to the table. Just like every other ...

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