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Fire Tornadoes (Video)


As if tornadoes weren't creating enough problems, our planet also has fire tornadoes to use against us.

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Scientists Hope to Use Smartphones as Earthquake Sensors


Scientists appear to have found a better tool for sensing earthquakes: the accelerometers in today’s smartphones.

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Forget Walking; Nao Robot to Learn Mountain Climbing


We've always been fascinated with robots, particularly of the humanoid type. It's been a challenge for scientists to give them human-like movements, which is why it's taken them so long to get robots to walk, run, climb stairs, and play soccer. Nao is ready for more.

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$1 To Japan For Each Facebook Like


Our good friends at AViiQ who manufacture all kinds of mobile accessories, have just tweeted that they will reach out to those troubled in Japan by the recent catastrophic earthquake and tsunami by donating $1 for each Facebook like they receive. Japan was hit by one massive 8.9 richter earthquake early on the morning of 3/11, and they continue to experience seismic activity totaling over 100 tremors in the last 24 hours.

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