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Intel Preparing a Cable-TV Box of Their Own? (Rumor)


For years Google, Apple and Microsoft have been dancing around the idea of revolutionizing the living room with their perspective living room solutions. While devices like the 360, Google TV and Apple TV have helped change the way we watch content in the living room-- they haven't really reached a true revolutionary status either.

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Unlimited Cloud Recording with Boxee TV DVR


Running out of storage space won't be an issue with the new Boxee TV. It's been proclaimed as the first DVR to offer virtually unlimited storage. They do this by uploading your videos to the cloud, rather than storing those recordings on a local drive.

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Watch recorded TV on your iPhone with AT&T’s free U-verse Mobile app


With an iPhone in your pocket, you’ll never have to miss an episode of the Jersey Shore again.  AT&T’s new U-verse Mobile app lets premium subscribers download and watch programs directly on the device.

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