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DSLR cameras get banned by Kuwaiti government


Planning on taking a trip to the Middle East? You might want to leave your Digital Rebel at home. It seems that Kuwait has effectively banned the use of DSLR cameras in public.

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iPad OnOne DSLR remote Camera app does what all other remote camera software does


Having just lost (read: probably stolen) my camera at a hockey game, I'm in the market for a new shooter. It might be time for me to step up into the DSLR range and thanks to apps like the OnOne DSLR Camera Remote, I'm getting much more interested.

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Nikon D3100 14.2 megapixel DSLR with HD Video makes a friendly, learning experience


The latest DSLR from Nikon is the D3100, an interesting configuration of HD video 1080p recording, with a bunch of automated guide features. Nikon seems to be making the DSLR camera into a point-and-shoot with a “Guide Mode” that lets you “sample images of what you can achieve with certain settings, for example if you change the shutter speed or aperture.”

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Panasonic releases DSLR 3D conversion lens


Panasonic has kick started the “First Year of 3D Era” thanks to the development of a digital twin-lens system that allows regular DSLR cameras to capture in 3D. Belonging to the LUMIX line, the new G Microsystem will be interchangeable, adding an entirely new dimension to traditional photography.

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Hasselblad H4D-40 megapixel camera, clearly sexy


The future of Hasselblad camera's will be expressed not only by massive megapixels, amazing clarity and low noise imagery, but by releasing one damn sexy looking Medium Format DSLR.

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128GB Compact Flash card from Silicon Power is huuuge


This thing is huuuuge. Most camera's right now don't even go past 32GB cards, the 128GB is obviously for next-generation digital SLRs which will be storing massive files.

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