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How to Get T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet for $100 Less


Psst. I've got a little secret to share with you. If you're thinking about picking up a new tablet device and you've got your eyes set on the G-Slate from T-Mobile, there's a way to get it for $100 less than the $530 advertised price.

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A Kindle with ads will save you $25


E-readers are getting a lot cheaper. Remember, it wasn't all that long ago that the Amazon Kindle would run you north of $300, which puts you in the midst of full on Android tablet territory these days. You can get a Kobo for about $150, but it looks like Amazon is undercutting that even further down to $114.

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WalMart Slashes Price of Atrix 4G Down to $129.99


We thought that saving fifty bucks was already pretty good, but it looks like the Motorola Atrix 4G is already receiving yet another price cut from yet another retailer. If you want the absolute best deal on the hot new Android phone, it looks like you want to turn to Walmart.

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Peek Provides Recession Relief, Lowers Prices on Email Devices


Are you feeling the need to send email messages while on the go, but you’re not at all that interested in investing in a real smartphone? That’s where the Peek Handheld is supposed to come into play, but it may have still been more expensive for you? Well, recession relief is on the way. The economy is going through some ...

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