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Olympus PEN E-P3 micro four-thirds camera gets priced and dated


The micro four-thirds format pioneered by Panasonic and Olympus is just trucking along with incremental advancements and enhancements. The latest to join the bunch is the Olympus PEN E-P3, which has now received official pricing and release date information.

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Pentax Q offers interchangeable lenses in tiniest package ever


The idea of being able to swap out your lens for certain purposes had previously been restricted to people who rock the SLR. That changed with the arrival of the NEX series from Sony and the micro four-thirds cameras from Olympus and Panasonic. Now, Pentax is taking that philosophy and going even smaller with the Pentax Q.

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Olympus TOUGH TG-810 Camera Withstands 100kg of Crushing Force


Have you ever accidentally sat on your phone, camera, MP3 player, or other portable electronic device? There's a possibility that you broke something. With the Olympus TOUGH TG-810, apparently you don't have to worry as much about that kind of thing.

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Panasonic GF2 vs. Olympus E-PL2: Which micro four-thirds is for you?


I'm a big fan of the micro four-thirds format. You get the flexibility of interchangeable lenses, a larger sensor, and all kinds of SLR-like controls in a package that isn't much bigger than a point-and-shoot. But which camera reigns supreme?

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Introducing the Olympus E-PL2 micro four-thirds digital camera


Of course, fans of the micro four-thirds format probably could have predicted that an Olympus E-PL2 was in the works. After all, Panasonic just recently announced the pending availability of its GF2 to follow up on the GF1. So, what is new with the upcoming Olympus E-PL2? Well, aesthetically, it looks pretty much the same as the E-PL1.

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Poco Pro 14MP camera no bigger than a credit card, rocks mechanical shutter


When it comes to digital cameras, it usually pays to stick with the bigger names in the industry. You can feel a little better with a Canon or Nikon in your hands, because they're trusted and true. Even so, the Poco Pro camera from Iain Sinclair might turn a few heads with its credit card-sized footprint and slew of features.

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Samsung’s dual screen digital cameras for self-portrait crazed individuals


Taking self portraits can be hard with regular digital cameras. The preview screen is on the back, while the lens is on the front. We usually end up with the "MySpace angle" for most shots and the framing can end up terrible, but sometimes it's fun. Samsung "fixed" that with an inevitable change, the addition of the second screen.

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Apple iPod touch 4G with 2-megapixel camera “leaked”


For the longest time, there were only a handful of things that separated the iPod touch from the Apple iPhone. The cellular connectivity is an obvious one, but it seems that one of the other differentiating factors is also going to be removed. According to the most recent leaks, the upcoming fourth-generation iPod touch will boast a two-megapixel digital camera. Up until now, the iPod touch has been lacking in the photography department, so this is probably a good change for the better. I don't think it will cannibalize iPhone sales any more than the current iPod touch does.

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Pentax offers free shipping on 5 new digital cameras for Mother’s Day


Pentax Imaging has just announced five new digital cameras and they're offering select free shipping in time for Mother's Day. This way, even if you're on the other side of the planet, your mom can still get her gift on time.The Pentax Option I-10 offers the classic look of a film SLR, complete with a leatherette textured body. Expect 12.1 megapixels, 5x optical zoom, and your choice of either a pearl white or classic black body.

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Large Touch screen, 2GB storage highlight Kodak Slice


How do you share your photos, online or in person? Some of us don’t know what to do with them; they simply turn the camera around and try to view the pictures on that tiny dark LCD. Slice has designed a camera for those people in mind to improve the sharing experience with several features.

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Samsung NX10 Hybrid Camera: DSLR Sensor, No SLR

Confused? Allow me to explain. Most people will agree that digital SLRs typically take better pictures than consumer-level point-and-shoot cameras, but most people will also agree that the P&S is a lot easier to carry around that a huge honking SLR. How can you reconcile these concerns? Samsung has apparently come up with its own proprietary solution. We first heard ...

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VIDEO: Unboxing the Samsung ST1000 Digital Camera

Digital cameras are getting more and more advanced by the moment. It’s simply not good enough to take decent pictures anymore, since customers want their cameras to do so much more. Perhaps epitomizing this movement is the recently released Samsung ST1000. On the surface, it may look like any number of other consumer-level point-and-shoot cameras, but the ST1000 comes with ...

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Samsung ST500 and ST550 Digicams Have Front Screens

Have you ever tried setting up your camera so that you could take a picture with all your friends? Most cameras come with self-timers, but it can be very challenging to frame these photo opportunities just right. Samsung is coming to the rescue by releasing two new digital cameras that happen to have secondary screens mounted on the front of ...

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Automatic Photos of Everyone with Sony IPT-DS1 Partyshot


Have you ever been at a party and wanted to get pictures of all the attendees? I guess you could walk around the room and wait for people to pose for you, but wouldn’t it be better if there was a completely automated solution? Sony seems to think so, because here is the Sony IPT-DS1 Partyshot. To accompany the announcement ...

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Nikon to Announce Camera-Projector Combo (VP650)


Last month, I pondered with myself (and shared with you) what could be the next big digital camera feature. It seems that Nikon could have the answer, because the camera giant is reportedly working on a unit that integrates a pocket projector. You’ve probably seen some of these pico projectors in the past. They’re about the same size as a ...

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