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Bicycle Face: The Biggest Health Hazard For 19th Century Women Cyclists

Lady Cyclist

The fictitious disease known as Bicycle Face.

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Recon Instruments Create Android Powered Sunglasses


While Google Glass is a leader in its field, it lacks on one thing: attraction and applicability to that of sports and athletes. In comes the Recon Jet.

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The PowerBIKE


If you are into fitness and technology, you might be into the PowerBIKE. This new stationary bicycle by Power Plate is a re-envisioning of what an indoor stationary bike can be. The makers are cycling enthusiasts who wanted to infuse a standard, and maybe even boring piece of indoor fitness equipment with a bit of excitement and technological flair.

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Video: Cycling vest lights up with your current speed


Basically, it's a vest that you wear while out riding your bike and it will show your speed to all the cars (and other folks on the road) on your back.

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ProForm Tour de France indoor training bike mirrors real route


The new ProForm Tour de France indoor cycle is the official training bike of the Tour de France. Kicking it up a notch, they're actually using something called iFit Live Technology, which is powered by Google Maps. It mirrors the real course of the Tour de France, adjusting the motorized incline/decline and Real Road Resistance on the fly.

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