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NASA’s MAVEN Mission to Mars Launched Today (Videos)


The MAVEN spacecraft, which stands for Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN, sat atop an Atlas 5 rocket at 1:28 EST earlier today, blasting off from the Air Force Station in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It's going to take ten months for MAVEN to reach its destination.

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Soil of Mars Contains Water Beyond Polar Ice Caps


While it has been known that some frozen water can be found in the polar ice caps, a soil sample extracted by the Curiosity Rover has discovered that water could be much closer at hand.

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NASA 2020 Mars Mission: Aims to Seek Out Past Alien Life


NASA’s new Mars rover, which will be part of an unnamed 2020 mission to the red planet, will search for signs of past life which existed when the planet was much warmer and wetter.

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Manned Trip To Mars: Current Radiation Shielding Not Going To Help


Data from Curiosity's Radiation Assessment Detector suggests that current radiation shielding available on spacecrafts won’t be enough to protect human explorers from radiation exposure during a manned trip to Mars.

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Solar Conjunction Puts NASA Mars Exploration on Pause


Don't worry. NASA is going to keep exploring Mars and we're going to keep learning things about the red planet, but all of those operations will effectively be put on pause for a period of up to three weeks and we have the sun to blame.

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First Ever Mars Bedrock Sample Collected by Curiosity Rover


Last summer, the Curiosity rover touched down on the Martian surface and space geeks from around the world, myself included, rejoiced at the accomplishment. That little rover has been roaming around on Mars for the last few months and now it has drilled a hole into the Red Planet and collected some bedrock.

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Video: Replica Of Curiosity Mars Rover- Made Entirely From Legos


NXT builders Doug Moran and Will Gorman have put together a working rover that can roam plastic terrain just like Nasa's own rovers- except one thing, this one is made of Legos.

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