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After 13 Years, Video Game Consoles Will Be A-Okay in China Again


Thirteen years later, it looks like the ban on video game consoles in China will finally be lifted. Chinese fans of Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation can finally rejoice.

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What Happens When The Xbox One Is Overheated?


Xbox One is capable of regulating its power by itself if it overheated. This might come as a major relief for Xbox 360 owners considering the Xbox One.

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Nvidia Shield Pre-Sales Begin Today


Nvidia’s Android powered handheld console, the Shield, has finally begun taking preorders today for its upcoming June release.

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Xbox 720 Might Not Necessarily Require Always-On Connection

xbox 720

The latest rumors claim the Xbox 720 won't need a constant internet connection to play games and could feature DVR like recording features as well.

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Ouya Kickstarter Orders Already Shipping, Will Hit Retail on June 4th

ouya android games system

The Ouya Android game console will officially go on sale from June 4th in Canada the US and the UK priced at $99.99.

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Video Showing Nvidia Project Shield Playing PC Games


Earlier in the year we reported on Nvidia’s Project Shield Android mobile gaming console. Now Project Shield demonstrates, in a video, its ability to wirelessly pair its Nvidia Project Shield handheld gaming console with a PC.

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Ouya Android Game Console to Get Yearly Hardware Updates

ouya android games system

Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman has announced the Ouya will receive yearly hardware updates, as a break from the traditional console lifecycle of about 5+ years.

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Neo Geo X Gaming Console to Cost More Than an iPad and Android Tablet Combined


Retro games often lose their lustre, you go back 5 or 10 years later with a hope of reigniting that once lost flame, only to be left thinking, meh. It was better before. We are pretty sure that the arrival of the Neo Geo X -- which will be shipping with classic Neo Geo titles on board -- is going to give you a similar unsatisfied feeling.

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Portable Atari Jaguar Mod By Evil Nod [Video]


The Atari Jaguar, which was originally launched back in 1993, was a commercial failure. But it has definitely become a favorite for many hackers and modders out there. User Evil Nod over at Bacteria Forums has created his own portable version of the console and it looks quite impressive.

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