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Canon shows us the future: 50 megapixel camera, 4k camcorder made of bio-plastic

Canon's 50 Megapixel concept single image shooter Photo: Gizmodo

Canon is giving us a taste of the future with their latest creations shown at the Canon Expo 2010 in New York. They’ve created a monster 50 Megapixel shooter that can capture colors that the human eye cannot see. I’m guessing we just have to take their word for it.

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Pico Projector concept is cute and functional


There are many things that can happen when people are inundated with massive amounts of technology, their brains can begin to fry, they can go live in the forest, some even try to change things by making typical blocks of plastic, cute and quirky.

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Concept HTC 1 phone is an elegant dream visualized

HTC 1 concept smartphone by

One of the most fantastic smartphone concepts ever created could very well be from designer Andrew Kim. His ideas are far from just a few sharp looking renders, but Kim has visualized an entire architecture for a smartphone he has called the HTC 1. The HTC 1 is far sexier than the iPhone 4, wrapping its components in a machined ...

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What will the iPhone 4 actually look like?


We saw the images and video from Gizmodo getting a hold of the lost Apple smartphone prototype from California bar, but is that the real design? Or just a shell to hide all the inner-goodness of what is to come? Designer Antonio De Rosa believes this is not the real iPhone 4G that we saw, but a cheap clever disguise in order for engineers to field test the next-generation Apple device. "If you want my opinion, the shell of that 4G was only a temporary case, because the 2 circular buttons for the volume are very ugly. If it was the real version, Apple may need to change the design after we've seen them on Gizmodo."

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Transformer keyboard concept gives laptops the full QWERTY


I don't even remember what a full-sized keyboard feels like, it's literally been years since I have used one for more than 100 keystrokes. But for those of you who just can't adapt, here's a concept from Yanko Design that puts a full-sized keyboard – transformer style – in to a laptop.The concept is called iWEB 2.0, I would have called it the franken-laptop-keyboard-beast or something stupid like that. The keyboard folds out on two hinges that allow it to expand by 100% of its collapsed size.

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Italian designers love making iPhone 4G concepts


It seems that the Italians love to conceptualize the future iPhone 4G model that Apple is expected to release mid 2010. Our friends at Mobile Crunch have discovered some beautiful new renderings of an artists work, “Seraphan, a member on Spaziocellulare forum.He has released his renders of what the iPhone 4G could be, and they are pretty colorful with some nice smooth curves.

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iPhone Touchlamp concept to light up your life


The latest concept out of ADR Studio is the iPhone Touchlamp. An LED lamp is controlled by your iPhone that is docked within its base, you can choose the intensity and decide which colors the lighting shall cast throughout the room creating an ambient setting.Of course it will simultaneously change the iPhone as well. This is just a concept and may never be manufactured, but it's such a simple and smart idea that I am surprised it hasn't yet.

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iPhone 4G concept updated, price to be cheaper?


The Apple iPhone 4G is expected to cost significantly less than previous models. Industry Analyst Katy Huberty, from Morgan Stanley believes 85% of the market is not willing to shell out the amount of money Apple want's for their devices, therefore a price drop is in order for the next-generation smartphone.Here are new concept images just released from ADR Studio's in Italy, courtesey of Antonio De Rosa. He took readers comments into consideration from his previous set of concept designs.

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The iPhone 4G revealed, beautiful new concepts from Italian studio ADR


The iPhone 4G is one of the most talked about smartphones of the year, so much so, that professional design firms attempt to create concepts in what they believe would be the next-generation of the device. It's also a good way for them to show off their talent.

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Take me back in time, Geocentric watch in constant motion


Flashback to the 1980's. Remember Swatch Watches, this reminds me of my beloved Swatch watch I used to sport with my red three-stripe running shorts.

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Soda power your mobile phone


I just don’t know what to think of this one, takes me back, way back, back to the future. Designer Daizi Zheng’ has created a new Nokia phone for their latest ‘alternative power source, green phone concept’.

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