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Aston Martin Concept Smartphone Is Completely Transparent

cpt002-0 (1)

To some people, the idea of luxury for a cell phone is to riddle it up with diamonds and gemstones. That's just unnecessarily gaudy. Aston Martin has a different idea when it comes to understated classiness and that's demonstrated by the luxury car company's upcoming smartphone concept. It's clear.

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Concept “tube” phone swaps its guts with cartridges


What if you could maintain the exact same outward appearance for your phone while completely upgrading its internals? Rogue designer Antoine Brieux is exploring precisely this idea with his HTC Tube smartphone concept.

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Nokia Kinetic concept phone has electromagnetic bottom

Nokia Kinetic concept prototype

After a while, you start to wonder what other innovations can possibly come into the mobile phone industry. And then, you are treated to devices like the Nokia Kinetic concept phone. Here it's shown in prototype form. It's not an official Nokia concept, so don't get your hopes up just yet.

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