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BMW i3 Plug-In Electric Concept Car


At the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, the BMW i3 concept coupe was revealed to the public. The plug-in electric car is compact, but it almost has the appearance of a shrunken down crossover.

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Bertone Nuccio Concept Car: The Stratos HF Zero For A New Generation


Italian design house Stile Bertone is famous for some of the most beautiful cars in history and none of the company’s concepts are more famous than the 1970 Lancia Stratos HF Zero. The futuristic design of that prototype will always be alive in the hearts of many sports car fans around the world. And it appears like the company is planning to keep it that way.

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Toyota’s 295 HP GRMN Sports Concept II hybrid convertible


Just because you want to have a hybrid from Toyota doesn't mean you have to get stuck with the boring looks and performance of the Prius. Take this car, for example. If you didn't know any better, you wouldn't know that it's a hybrid. You also wouldn't know that it's pushing out a more than adequate 295 horsepower.

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Biodegradable Phoenix Concept Car Made of Bamboo and Rattan


There's more to going green than cutting back on your fuel consumption. You also have to consider the sustainability of the manufacturing process and what you do with the product after it's reached the end of its life cycle. And that's where the Phoenix Concept Car comes into the picture.

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Toyota FT-86 II Concept Marks Beginning of New Supra-esque Sports Car


Ever since Toyota decided to retire the Supra back in 2002, there's been a hole in the hearts of motor enthusiasts all around the world. The Celica and MR-S just didn't cut the mustard and even those aren't around anymore. Well, Toyota is finally starting to shake off its currently boring philosophy with the rise of FT-86 II Concept.

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Saab PhoeniX Concept Takes Flight with ‘Aeromotional’ Design


Personally, I'm not a fan of Saabs. The cars just seem to lack any personality with so many of them looking more like overpriced "Saab-arus" than having their own unique character. I guess they're trying to turn things around with the PhoeniX concept. See what they did there with the capital X? How edgy!

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BMW: Could your clothes replace your car?


BMW asked students at the European Institute of Design in Barcelona to come up with some wearable alternatives to cars that can be used to zoom around European city centres.

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Environmentally friendly concept car breathes CO2 like a tree


In order for humans to survive, we inhale oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. On the flip side, the plants and trees in your neighborhood "inhale" carbon dioxide and "exhale" oxygen for us. Well, this newest concept car from GM and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation has more in common with trees than with us.What you see here is their YeZ Concept, a vehicle that will photosynthesize, just like that big maple tree in your backyard. It'll absorb carbon dioxide from the air around it and emit oxygen back into the atmosphere.

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Ford START concept is a 1.0-litre EcoBoosted three-banger


There's more to creating an environmentally-friendly vehicle than just plopping in an electric motor or a hybrid powertrain of some kind. Ford agrees and that's why the American carmaker is showing off its Ford START concept vehicle at the Beijing International Auto Show.You see, the Ford START Concept isn't a hybrid. It isn't an electric. Instead, it makes use of a forthcoming 1.0L EcoBoost three-cylinder gas engine with a CO2 rating of under 100 g/km. It's not zero emissions either, but that's still very good considering it's still a three-banger.

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Honda CR-Z Hybrid Hatchback Almost Production Ready

Some of you may remember the old Honda Civic CRX. It may not have been the most powerful of vehicles at the track, but that was one nimble little hatchback. While you could try to achieve the same with the Honda Fit, you may be much more interested in the upcoming Honda CR-Z. We’ve already seen the concept, but Honda ...

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