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Video Game Improves Cognitive Skills Of Aged People


New research is suggesting that playing a video game is good for improving cognitive skills in aged people.

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Video: Revolutionary SpaceTop 3D Computer Interface


We've seen 3D televisions and 3D monitors, but the way that we interact with them is still on a two-dimensional basis. That could be changing with SpaceTop 3D, a three-dimensional computer interface developed by MIT graduate student Jinha Lee.

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Apple’s Ultra-Thin iMac Now Available For Sale Online


Looking for a gift for a loved one, or even yourself this holiday shopping season? The new ultra-thin iMacs are now available for order via Apple’s online store.

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Resistance Is Futile: Mind-Reading Computer Voices Your Thoughts


We're getting that much closer to the robot apocalypse. We already have computers beating us at trivia games. We already have robot flying machines that can act like a swarm. And now, we have computers that can read our minds, decipher our thoughts, and reconstruct them into comprehensible speech.

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Encryption Decrypted By Federal Judge


The self-incriminating clause of the Fifth Amendment is always a great help for defendants who want to keep their encrypted hard drives from being decrypted when prosecution asks for it, until now. A Colorado federal judge has ruled that decrypting a computer hard drive does not violate the defendant’s rights.

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What Is Quantum Computing?


The technological landscape is ever changing and it is a very difficult task to predict how it will be evolving in the coming years. But at present many scientists are already convinced that quantum computers are the future. So what is this quantum computing? Let’s take a look.

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iPhone connects wearable computer to internet, man is now Cyborg


Wishing you could get a little more intimate with your computer? Swedish researcher and entrepreneur, Martin Magnusson has created a wearable computer that stays very close by. The concept behind it is really quite simple, but the engineering within is what makes it so clever. First, Magnusson bought a cheap CD case, ripped out the CD pockets and replaced them with velcro, causing the case to open like a book for all of the components.

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Asus UL30Jt Notebook with Core i7 and Turbo33 Technology


This may surprise a few of you, but I’m still using an ancient Dell notebook running on Windows XP as my primary computer. I’m clearly due for an upgrade so that I can finally lay this dinosaur down to rest. And I think I’ve found one of its most suitable replacements. I’d really like to find something with a good ...

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