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Colorware launches the Grip for iPad, first physical product


Colorware already charges huge fees to paint up your electronic gadgetry in a range of different colors, but it looks like they want to sell physical products on their own too. The first of these is the Grip for iPad. Check it out; it's exactly what you think it is.

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Apple iPad gets added to the ColorWare collection

Colorware application to custom design your iPad

The crazy kooks at Colorware are taking their massive paint buckets to the iPad. I guess we should have only expected so much. If you go over to the Colorware website, you'll see that they are now painting iPads at will. As before, you don't get anything extra in terms of specs, features, or performance, but you can stand out from the crowd with a vividly colored iPad.The blue and yellow scheme featured looks pretty good, I'd say, but I'm thinking that going with a red iPad could just spur on an increasingly overwhelming number of immature jokes about feminine hygiene.

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Colorware Ships Parts Only for BlackBerry Curve 8900

Most cell phone geeks are already familiar with the Colorware service. In a nutshell, you ship your treasured handset (they also do notebooks and other gadgetry) over to their warehouse and they’ll outfit it with a fancy paint job featuring just about any color that you can imagine. The trouble with this service, up until now, is that you have ...

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Stealth MacBook Pro Disappears into the Night

Maybe you’re a big fan of Apple products. Maybe you really like Mac OS X. However, you might not be quite as big a fan of that aluminum unibody look. Well, the kindly folks at Colorware just may have the ticket for you in the form of the Stealth MacBook Pro. As you can quite plainly see from the picture ...

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