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Do We Need A Coffee Tumbler Covered With Crocodile Skin?


Coffee tumbler covered with crocodile skin.

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CalmSpace: Take A Peaceful Power Nap At Your Office (Video)


Take a power nap at the office in CalmSpace

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Even Chuck Norris Might Be Terrified After Seeing This Prank (Video)


An awesome prank terrifies unsuspecting customers in a coffee shop.

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Brewing French Press Coffee in the Car with GSI Commuter Java Press


Do you find that simply don’t have the time in the morning to brew up a cup of coffee before hitting the road for your daily commute? It looks like the Handpresso Auto isn’t the only car-worthy coffee machine anymore. It’s called the GSI Outdoors Commute Java Press and it’s designed to let you brew your morning joe while being ...

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Free WiFi Coming to 2000+ Tim Hortons Restaurants in Canada

WiFi at Tims

You can already get your fill of free Wi-Fi at McDonald's and Starbucks, but you'll soon latch onto the web with your double-double and Timbits too. Tim Hortons has announced that they're bringing free wireless Internet to over 2,000 restaurants across Canada.

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Handpresso Auto: Get Your Morning Fix Of Coffee On The Road (Video)


There’s nothing like getting a creamy, steaming cup of espresso when you are driving your car in the middle of nowhere with your eyelids weighing a ton. If there’s no coffee shop for miles, either you can park your car somewhere safe to take a quick nap and be late for the important appointment, or you can make a hot cup of coffee for yourself with the Handpresso Auto, the latest addition into the range of mobile espresso machines from Handpresso.

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Inhale Coffee With AeroShot’s Pure Energy Device


Over the years, I have a feeling I've become addicted to caffeine. I usually consume it in coffee form, you know, the liquid that you brew in a pot like normal people do. Sure, in the morning it can be troublesome and it inevitably leaving you with coffee breath, but you get to actually enjoy it. The AeroShot inhaler could be a much more convenient solution for some.

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Aroma Lid makes those crappy cups of coffee all the better


Is the office coffee leaving a lot to be desired? Is it all bland and tasteless? If that's the case, don't go rushing out to Starbucks just yet. Instead, you might want to consider picking up the Aroma Lid from Mint Urban Technologies.

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Starbucks mobile payments roll out with barcodes, not NFC


The next time you order a trenta-sized iced mocha frapp, you won't need to whip out your wallet. You'll just need to flash your iPhone at the barista.

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