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How to enable GSM data on CR-48 Chrome notebook


The Gobi 3G chip housed inside the CR-48 Chrome notebook is perfectly capable of providing you with GSM-friendly 3G data. You just have to jump through a few small hoops to get it to work.

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$20,000 and a CR-48 laptop for first to hack Chrome


Google is offering $20,000 and a CR-48 Chrome OS laptop to anyone who can hack their Chrome browser.

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Google TV to be powered by ARM “soon”

Google TV to be powered by ARM "soon"

Nearly a year after Google entered talks with ARM Holdings, Google TV is speculated to be made available on the cheap, efficient ARM chipsets later this year. Charbax of ARMdevices.net published an article last week stating he has it on "very high authority from someone at Google (to remain anonymous) that an ARM-powered Google TV platform is coming soon."

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Chrome OS to perish or “merge” with Android?


Not even a week after the Cr-48 Chrome netbook was announced, criticism is already flying its way, and from an unlikely source. Former Google employee and creator of Gmail Paul Buchheit, had this to tweet “Prediction: Chrome OS will be killed next year (or “merged” with Android).” That is a little cold-hearted considering his former employer just released the pilot ...

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Google hides laptop giveaway in marketing video


While watching the video for the new Cr-48; "How to remain calm despite what's about to happen to your Chrome notebook," Zimmer says he noticed a long mathematical equation on a chalkboard at the 2:23 mark in the video.

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Google’s Chrome OS makes hardware indispensable


In 2009, Google announced that it was readying to step into the OS ring, which has been dominated, for the most part by two obvious heavy hitters. Tuesday was essentially the weigh-in for our new contender, Google’s Chrome OS, accompanied by the Google CR-48 netbook.

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Toshiba tablets run the gamut: Windows, Android and Chrome OS variants at CES 2011


In business, it's not always a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. It looks like Toshiba is really looking to hedge its bets when it decides to attack the tablet market early next year, because it has no fewer than three different tablet devices in the works. The kicker? One does Windows, another Android, and a third still with Chrome OS.

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Google special event next week to reveal Chrome OS netbook?


If you ask some people, they'll tell you that the netbook is dead. They'll tell you that you're better off choosing between a full-sized laptop or one of the new tablet devices. Well, you may soon have a suitable alternative to the MacBook Air as your netbook, because Google is hosting an event that could see the revealing of the Chrome OS netbook.

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Google Chrome netbooks are coming


Google Chrome OS is one of the most eagerly awaited entities in the world of tech. Just like most Google services (remember Gmail remaining in BETA for well over 3 years), Chrome OS is also taking its time. But going by the present news, the OS may materialize sooner than we expect.

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Dell preparing “a whole slew” of products to battle iPad


Dell isn't just about laptops and desktops. The Axim line may not have been the most successful thing in the world, but the world's largest computer maker is ready to give it another go with "a whole slew" of new products that aim to battle with the iPad and other tablets.

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Rumor: Google Chrome OS tablet coming Black Friday

We’ve heard of a Google tablet dating as far back as April, now, a new rumor has surfaced saying the device will be released on Black Friday (November 26th) and it won’t be running Android.

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Specs Leaked for First Google Chrome OS Netbook


Google Chrome has quickly become my preferred web browser of choice and it may soon become the preferred operating system for netbooks around the world too. As you may recall, the Chrome OS bases most of its functionality “in the cloud,” but what can we make of its own features and specifications? Wonder no longer. Take this report with a ...

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Custom Chrome OS Build for Dell Inspiron Mini Netbooks

Many people will tell you that the Dell Inspiron Mini is one of the best Hackintosh candidates on the market, especially since Apple doesn’t produce a netbook of its own. As it turns out, Dell’s little machine plays quite well with Chrome OS too, thanks to a little help from a Dell technologist. This is the same netbook that was ...

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Say Hello to the Google Chrome OS (Video)

I’m already using Google Chrome as the primary web browser on my computer and a good number of people have migrated over to Google Android for their smartphone needs. We knew the day was coming, but now it’s official. A special event was hosted over at the Googleplex to officially reveal the Google Chrome OS. This new operating system will ...

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Live Screenshots of Google Chrome OS Hit the Net


In the current netbook market, you have your choice between a Windows XP installation or some build of Linux. We’re hearing that a Google Chrome OS is in the works and what we may have here are the first live screenshots of the new platform in action. As with any of these leaks and rumors, you’ll have to take these ...

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