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Huawei Honor 6 Available In Europe; Costs Just €300


Huawei Honor 6 in Europe.

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Chinese Man’s House Goes Where He Goes


Liu Lingchao's personal dwelling gives "mobile home" a whole new meaning. Lingchao's house is designed for portability, so he can take it with him no matter where he goes.

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Xiaomi Red Rice Quad-Core Smartphone Costs Just $130


Say hello to the Xiaomi Red Rice, a quad core Android 4.2 smartphone which costs just $130. Now close your mouth, click the article link - and read all about it!

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Wei Sijie 97RT Chinese tablet boasts 2GB RAM and Retina Display

chinese retina display tablet

The third generation iPad might have been the tablet to make Retina displays the thing to have, but it’s not the only device to offer all those eye watering pixels anymore!

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Meizu M9: High quality iPhone 4 knockoff with Android 2.2


You may remember the Meizu M8 from a couple of years ago. When it came to Chinese-sourced iPhone knockoffs, it was one of the most impressive. That's not to say that it was anywhere close to being a top-tier phone, but the Meizu M9 is sounding even more impressive. The M9 is like an iPhone 4 to the M8's iPhone 3G. So to speak.

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