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Why Is Spider-Man Picking Up Trash On A Mountain In China


Spider-Man in China.

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Xiaomi Has Plans To Open A Manufacturing Plant In India


Xiaomi planning a manufacturing plant in India.

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Philips i966 Aurora: 5.5-inch QHD Display, Snapdragon 801, 3GB RAM And 20.7MP Camera For About $604


Philips i966 Aurora.

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HTC Desire 820 mini Now Available In China; Costs About $228


HTC Desire 820 mini.

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Air Umbrella Will Keep You Dry With A Force Field Of Air (Video)


Air Umbrella.

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DDoS Attacks And Database Dumps Might Hit Chinese Government Tomorrow


DDoS attacks and database dumps might hit China.

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Huawei Honor 6: Pre-book It In Malaysia Now


Huawei Honor 6

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Smuggled iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Units Seized In China Ahead Of Official Launch On October 17


Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will launch in China on October 17, but customs agents have already found hundreds of the new iPhones.

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What’s Better Than One Person Taking The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge taken in Xiamen, China.

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Robots On Song As Waiters And Cooks In A Restaurant In China


In this Chinese restaurant, robots do the greeting, cooking and serving.

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Apple iPhone 6 Will Probably Look Like This


Take a look at the Apple iPhone 6.

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Did You Eat That Special Mutton AKA Rat Meat Soup While In China?


Rat meat soup from China

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This Is Changyuraptor yangi, The Largest Known Four-Winged Dinosaur


Take a look at Changyuraptor yangi, the largest four-winged dinosaur known to man.

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iPhone 5S Mini From China


Say hello to the iPhone 5S Mini, a device which you don't want to buy.

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Sony PlayStation 4 Headed To China


Sony will be launching the PlayStation 4 in China.

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