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Mini Red Mudder by DSquared Going to Charity


We've seen Mini expand its lineup of cars quite substantially in recent years, adding doors and stretching the chassis. This isn't going to be a production vehicle, but the Mini "Red Mudder" is being offered for sale through a charity function.

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11 year old boy writes iPhone app, donates proceeds to charity


iPhone apps are always being released each day. After long development times, testing, more testing, then Apple's final say, you may be privileged enough to have your app in the iTunes store. Here is an 11-year old boy who wrote his own app, got it approved, and is now donating some of the proceeds to the children's hospital charity.

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Text-to-Donate to the Salvation Army Canada

What do you want for Christmas? It’s easy to yearn for the newest Guitar Hero or MacBook Pro, but you also have to realize that there are a lot of people who are less fortunate than you. They need warm clothes, a hot meal, and just a little bit of love. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to give back to ...

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Canadians Can Donate to Charity via SMS

Some analysts are saying that the economy is finally on an upswing and things are starting to look brighter again. Many of the charitable organizations around the world couldn’t be happier, because most experienced a reduction in donations during the heat of the recession. They have to make it as easy as possible to give. Giving back to the community ...

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