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CES 2010 Wrapup: Sights, Sounds and Reflections


There’s no better way to overload your brain and body than by spending a week in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The event brings together thousands of vendors, tens of thousands of visitors and millions of feet of exhibition space in the most imaginary of locales.

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Cowon W2 REVEALED; Touchscreen, Windows 7 and chunky


When Cowon's W2 info was leaked last November from the Bluetooth certification page we basically learnt all we needed to know, except for; what it looked like. The company has just thrown up a teaser page for the product.

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MSI dual-screen e-reader and netbook runs Windows 7


MSI is the first company to show off a working prototype of their dualscreen e-reader. And it's everything you ever dreamt of - sort of.

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Swappable Batteries Introduced for Powermat Charger


You may already be familiar with the Powermat wireless charging technology, especially since it has been available on the open market for some time. The trouble is that you had to buy those $40 cases before you could charge your cell phone, portable gaming device, and other items with the Powermat. That has now changed. Instead of forcing you into ...

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New Android and webOS Smartphones Coming to AT&T


AT&T held a press conference earlier today, announcing that they’ll have a few new additions to the family in the coming year. The newest bundles of joy to join the stable already inhabited by the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile will take on a new look, thanks to Google Android and Palm’s webOS. They weren’t quite as forthcoming with ...

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Technocel Ear Vibe Stereo Headset Vibrates Too

Technocel Ear Vibe Stereo Headset Vibrates Too

Do you remember the guys at Technocel? They were the ones that offered us that handy PowerPak Universal Portable Battery and Charger. For CES, they have a couple additions to that line, but the Technocel Ear Vibe may potentially be more interesting. On the surface, you may think that the Ear Vibe is little more than another stereo headset, but ...

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Flying Saucer with Augmented Reality Air Battles


So, Mobile Magazine’s own Jeff Cutler made his way over to CES Unveiled last night and he was bombarded by all sorts of cool technology. One item that drew quite the crowd was an apparent flying saucer. Its airborne nature may have been enough of a draw already, but this flying machine comes with an added surprise. I didn’t touch ...

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