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Sprint to get 4G BlackBerry Playbook “this summer”


What great news for Sprint customers. Today down the CES vine came word that RIM and Sprint will be offering the BlackBerry Playbook "in the summer." Now we're hoping July the latest, but you never know, it could be as early as the end of June.

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The compact Toshiba CAMILEO S30 HD digital camcorder is here


Toshiba unveiled their newest HD Digital Camcorder at CES yesterday. The CAMILEO S30 camcorder films in full HD resolution with image stabalization at 1080p, 720p and 480p modes.

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Checking out the Motorola Atrix 4G laptop dock


Motorola took a little bit of wind out of its own sails by letting the AT&T event reveal the Motorola Atrix 4G, but the Motorola event a few hours later let you get up close and personal with the hot new smartphone... if you could fight past the nerdgasm to get close enough, that is.

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Spot Connect lets Bluetooth phones communicate with satellites


Satellite phones are usually pretty expensive, both to buy and to use. That's to be expected, since you're going to have a hard time getting cell phone service in the middle of the jungle. With Spot Connect, though, you can tweet and text on the (relatively) cheap.

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Mophie Pulse gives your iPhone 4 a louder bark, bigger bite


For those of us that are iPhone users we should be quite familiar with Mophie's Juice Pack and that clever little Mophie Marketplace case to easily ring up credit cards. The power packs have been an invaluable accessory to thwart the iPhone's battery chugging capabilities, but where can they go from here? Mophie has taken it one step further with their next-generation power pack, the Mophie Pulse, which they are showing off CES.

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Two new Speck CandyShell iPhone 4 cases hit the market


Speck, makers of the ever-popular CandyShell iPhone case, has released two new models with two new innovations: You can choose either the CandyShell View, which holds your iPhone 4 in a convenient position for viewing photos, using FaceTime or watching videos; or the CandyShell Card, which adds a new level of horror to losing your phone by doubling as a wallet for ID and credit cards. Both at $40 a pop.

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Kingston brings USB 3.0 product roadmap to CES


Positioning themselves for the growth of USB 3.0, Flash drive leader Kingston Digital announced today a comprehensive suite of USB 3.0 Flash drive solutions.

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Seagate announces ultra-portable Time-Machine hard drives


Seagate, arguably one of the most well-known names in external hard drives announced the release of four new ultra-portable "GoFlex for Mac" external hard drives at CES.

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LG robotic HOM-BOT vacuum Roomba clone is smarter than it looks


When the original Roomba from iRobot first hit the scene it was revolutionary: a vacuum that roamed (and cleaned) your room on its own. iRobot has quite the track record making military robots, so why not infiltrate the home front? LG also has quite the experience with military production, so it comes as no surprise that LG's new HOM-BOT does what an iRobot does, but smarter.

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Netgear N300 wireless router integrates powerline networking


Everyone I know has a wireless network in their home, but a good number find that they can experience some issues with range. Even when they do have connectivity, sometimes they have a device that just doesn't do wireless. For that, Netgear offers the new N300.

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XPAND presents world’s first personalized 3D glasses


XPAND, the company hell-bent on the idea that caps lock and exclamation marks are suitable for every occasion, has announced the world's first set of personalized, universal 3D glasses today at CES. Using LCD active shutter technology, they're fully compatible with every make and model of 3D TV, computer and gaming console – as well as in theatres.

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Xi3 Z3RO shares single Xi3 Modular Computer between multiple users


For the basic computing requirements, the substantial growth in processor speeds over the last decade haven’t made that much of a difference. Xi3 is hoping to capitalize on this excess in speed with their new Xi2 Z3RO modular device. The Z3RO is designed to allow up to four individual users to share the power and functionality of a single Xi3 ...

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Dexim iPhone charger shows current, slays vampire power


We all have a lot of electronic devices these days and we tend to leave them plugged in even when it's not necessary. There has to be a way to cut out that "vampire power" in a fun and colorful way, right? Dexim seems to think so.

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Astrotouch asteroids game shown off with Touch Revolution TRū Touch Monitor


The company behind that Touch Revolution monitor series we saw earlier today has decided to give us a teaser. They're set to change the way we interact with desktops, and are serious about it too. They just sent us some pre-CES booth setup pictures and a video. The monitor shown is a 21.5" TRū Touch blasting out asteroids on the Astrotouch game with onscreen controls by GestureTouch.

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Kingston releases über-fast UltimateXX class of SD cards


Over the last couple of years, photography and filming technologies have outpaced that of the memory cards they rely on, making high-quality sequence shots and HD filming on SLR cameras a bit daunting and laggy at times. That is, until now.

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