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Vizio Announces Windows 8 AMD Tablet


While CES doesn't officially begin until Tuesday, many press announcements and unveils related to the show have already begun. One of this announcements comes from Vizio, who has now announced plans for their first Windows 8 tablet.

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Westinghouse Preparing Budget Ultra-HD TVs for CES 2013


New Years Eve, a time for change, even revolution. From the looks of it, 2013 promises major change towards something that is important to almost all of us: our multimedia experience in the living room.

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Samsung Reportedly Packing 5.5″ Flexible Displays for CES Trip


Flexible display technology is by far one of the coolest new concept technologies. Now that Super AMOLED and 1080p displays have been introduced, we look forward for the next big thing, and what better a place to show them off than CES 2013.

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Samsung preparing New Mid-Range Handset for CES 2013


According to SamMobile, Samsung is preparing a new mid-ranged device for its first showing at CES.

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ZTE to Unveil New Grand S “Superphone” at CES 2013


It appears that ZTE is going to be releasing a new supposed superphone at CES 2013 early next year. While there has been rumors and whispering of this in the past, it has now been confirmed by event information posted on the press page at CES.

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Reportedly, Samsung Galaxy S4 Won’t Be Shown at CES 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

Yesterday we reported on the teaser that suggested “Something new” is coming for CES 2013 from Samsung. We personally doubted that Samsung was referring to the highly-anticipated Galaxy S4, and it seems that CNET agrees.

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Samsung CES Teaser Arrives, Alluding to Samsung Galaxy S4 or Something Else?

Galaxy S4

Samsung has now officially released a teaser trailer, saying that “Something New” is coming for CES 2013. Before you get too excited, odds are against this being the revelation of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Why? For starters, the S4 would be an improvement, but not really something new.

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LG Reported to Reveal Processor at CES 2013


Early last year LG had announced it would license ARM’s processor designs in order to bring its own chips to the market. Now Korea Times is reporting that LG will unveil its first in-house chip at CES 2013.

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Samsung Planning Major Brand Overhaul, Just in Time for CES 2013


It seems that Samsung is ready for its makeover. The company is now working with brand consultant Scott Bedbury, a big name consultant that has worked with companies such as Nike and Starbucks in the past.

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