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Arduino Co-Creator Releases Plans for $200 DIY Mobile Phone


Mellis was one of the people who came up with the now hugely popular Arduino platform and now he has come up with plans for people to build their own cell phone for about $200 in parts.

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NTIA Wants FCC To Make Rules Regarding Cellphone Unlocking


The NTIA has filed a petition with the FCC which asks them to communicate to carriers a set of proposed rules regarding cellphone unlocking.

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Cellphone Unlocking Still Illegal in U.S., and FCC Wants This to Change


FCC is trying to solve the issue of cellphone unlocking. But it seems that the best idea might be for legal action down the road.

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What’s Different? Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. Galaxy Note


Well, it turns out that the original Note has been quite the resounding success and Samsung followed up with the Note II. But what's different between the two? How much of an upgrade is it?

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Cellular phone industry’s fate coming May 18th


Is there a possible risk of tumors associated with the use of mobile phones? According to Microwave News, the Interphone study results will be released on May 18. To be published in the International Journal of Epidemiology June issue, the paper is scheduled to be released early for "advanced access" individuals on the 18th. This $30M study is the largest and most expensive to date. Originally to be completed in 2005, but delayed due to a disagreement in interpretation of data on the findings of "an increased incidence of tumors among long-term users of mobile phones."

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Never Forget Your Phone Again with ZOMM Keychain


It’s happened to the best of us. We head out the door, double-checking our pockets to make sure we have everything we need, only to discover that we forgot our prized cell phone at home. We can’t be left incommunicative with the rest of the world, can we? If you’re tired of forgetting your phone at home or at the ...

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