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Hackers Can Easily Track Your Mobile Phone, Says Study (Video)


If you have nightmares about being watched, this will be your worst ever. Your mobile phone, the thing that you carry around almost everywhere, might be giving away your location to hackers. According to a new study, anyone with a cheap phone and open source software can easily track the location of a mobile phone (on GSM network, which provides service to 80 percent of the global mobile market) without the owner ever knowing about it.

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Modu claims to be world’s lightest cell phone, now selling in the UK


No, that's not another generic MP3 player waiting to be hawked on eBay. What you are looking at is the Modu phone, and it is indeed a cell phone that claims to be the world's lightest yet. It doesn't really have access to a vast app store, and it probably isn't your best bet for checking email on the go, but this is about as compact as it gets in the world of mobile phones.

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Prison Cell Phone Jamming Approved by US Senate

There’s been this ongoing debate about whether it is lawful to jam cell phone signals in jails and prisons across the United States. It turns out that people are sneaking prepaid cell phones into jails and the prisoners are using them to communicate with the outside world without permission. Rather ...

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The Snuggie for Gadget Geeks

By now, you’ve surely heard about the Snuggie. It’s that crazy blanket with sleeves that is supposed to be great for keeping you warm while you watch television or curl up with a good book. Among the many problems with this idea is the lack of love for the gadget ...

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Why I Abandoned My Landline Telephone

Smartphones Are Smarter

This might go without saying since I write for a site focused on mobile technology, but I am not a fan of wires and cables. If they were able to make everything in my life completely wireless, I would be much happier for it. You don’t want to see the ...

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