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Cell Phone Ban Results in MORE Cell Phone Usage?


You know how you’re not allowed to have a handheld cell phone while behind the wheel in California? A similar law has recently been activated in my hometown of Vancouver too, but it seems that these bans aren’t exactly effective, at least according to a recent survey conducted by the ...

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Ontario Cell Phone Ban Kicks in October 26


Remember a few months ago when we learned that cell phones would be banned in Ontario? This would follow in teh footsteps of other jurisdictions, like California, where it is unlawful to use your handheld cell phone while behind the wheel of a vehicle. At the time, we didn’t know ...

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Americans in Favor of Ban on Texting While Driving

OMG. Given how much we have come to rely on our cell phones for nearly every aspect of our lives, it’s interesting to see how this new survey turned out. Nationwide Insurance asked Americans whether they would support legislation that would ban drivers from sending text messages while driving and ...

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