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Jimmy Kimmel’s Apple iTime (Video)


Check out Jimmy Kimmel's Apple iTime aka Casio watch.

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Casio Exilim Offers Kickstand and Motion-Sensing Picture Taking


Casio is far from the leader of the digital camera world, still the Exilim Ex-ZR1000 is certainly worth your attention. Why? It has a built-in stand that keeps it propped in landscape or portrait modes. This is especially useful if you are in to taking vanity shots, or simply want to be in that family photo and don't have an extra person to hold the camera.

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Casio G-Shock: The Ronnie Coleman Of Android Smartphones


Waiting for a really, really rugged Android smartphone that looks like it's from a bond film? The device that you see above might be what you are looking for. The G-Shock smartphone, which is the latest in a range of rugged smartphones from Casio, was apparently one we missed at CES 2012 and it’s full of testosterone.

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Casio Launching A New Bluetooth “Smart Watch” In Japan


Casio Japan is preparing to launch the G-Shock GB-6900 in March. The G-Shock is a special wristwatch that connects to specific smartphone models like the Medias LTE N-04D using Bluetooth LE.

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Super sleek Casio TRYX camera unveiled at CES, does slow-mo @ 240fps


Casio’s new TRYX camera has been launched at CES and oh boy is she ever pretty. With so many point and shoots on the market they all tend to converge into one dog pile, but TRYX is the kind of camera you’d bring home to mom but wouldn’t let her touch.

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Casio prototype Bluetooth watch pushes phone information onto your wrist


So we’ve seen a few attempts to meld cell phones and watches in recent years and usually the result is expensive, clunky and never really takes off. But engineers at Casio are taking the iterative approach with a new prototype.

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Casio watch face with solar panel shown at ECO fair


This comes by way of the Eco Product 2010 event where Casio is showing off its popular G-Shock and Oceanus series watches. More specifically, they're offering an "exploded view" of a G-Shock watch, showing each of the individual components and how they work with one another.

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World’s smallest LCD will full HD resolution is 4.8-inches


You know how you get to enjoy fantastic 1080p action with your Blu-ray player and your 48-inch high-definition television? Well, you just may be able to do the same thing on this 4.8-inch display. Yes, about the same size as the Dell Streak.

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The Casio G’zOne is back on Verizon with Ravine variant


Wait a minute. They still make Casio G'zOne phones? What is this? 2008? Believe it or not, these phones are still very much around and they even have a new version coming down the chute in the form of the Casio G'zOne Ravine with Verizon Wireless.

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If the Hulk was Going to Buy a Watch


Who says being green is for hippies anymore! Casio is the latest company to jump on the money train and "green-wash" its products with the introduction of the Pathfinder PRG110C-3.In addition to telling you how late you are for work, the watch sports an altimeter, barometer, thermometer and digital compass if you should ever find yourself flying an airplane and all the instruments suddenly fail.

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Casio hybrid GPS camera prototype with triple-axis accelerometer


Casio has revealed its first compact digital camera and integrated ‘Hybrid GPS' with the announcement of the Exilim EX-H10HG; basically a modified Exilim EX-H10 prototype camera.

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Casio’s XJ-A series portable projectors are sexy for the environment and your boardroom table


The XJ-S57 is smaller than a sheet of letter-sized paper easily fitting in a briefcase or laptop bag. It’s environmentally friendly being Merucury-free.

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