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Alleged iPad 5 case suggest iPad Mini style redesign

ipad 5 case leaked

Purported iPad 5 case suggests an iPad Mini inspired redesign is in strore for the 9.7-inch Apple tablet.

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Nokia Releases Two Cases for the Lumia 920


For all you Nokia Lumia owners, we have some great news. Nokia has released an official case for your phone so you aren't forced to purchase a third party aftermarket case.

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iBattz to be the First to Drop Rechargable iPhone 5 Case


Mophie is usually one the first companies to release their battery equipped case accessory for any type of device. However this time around, iBattz appears to be beating them to the punch with two cases for the iPhone 5.

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Gizmon iCA Military Edition Case For The iPhone Is From The Cold War Era


We know that you all love the camera on your iPhone 4S, but what if the device could also look and feel like a classic camera. The Gizmon iCA Military Edition case developed by Four Corner Store for the iPhone 4 and 4S will take you back to the era of military photographers and their Leica range finders.

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AQUA TEK S iPhone Case Loves The Sun But Hates Water (Video)


Although many believe that there is no need for a case for the iPhone, we think that’s a really bad idea. That is why we let you know whenever an awesome case is introduced. The new product that you see above is the AQUA TEK S case for iPhone 4 and 4S from Snow Lizard Products, and it does more than just protect your iPhone from falls and hits.

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Wrap your iPod touch in plant material-based bioserie case


Our rampant consumerism isn’t exactly having a positive effect on poor Mother Nature. We could talk about using biofuels for our cars and solar panels for our homes, but what about something as small as a protective case? Covering this smaller but relatively important realm is Bioserie, with a new line of iPod touch 4G cases made of plant materials. ...

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Hard Candy announces iPod touch 4G cases one day ahead of Apple


Well, that pretty much confirms it. We already knew that Apple would be hosting an event tomorrow and we suspected that a new-generation iPod touch would be revealed. Well, Hard Candy is already announcing cases for the new media player today.

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Apple iPhone gets official R2-D2 Star Wars case, with no head

The headless R2-D2 case for the Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS (iPhone 4 model will have a head?)

Just last week we caught a glimpse of the "special" Motorola DROID R2-D2 Edition. As it turns out, that bleep-blooping bot gets around. He's found his way over to Cupertino for the iPhone, or at least tried to.

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iPhone 4 wood skins take us back to the 70s

iPhone 4 Cherry Wood skin

Apple is trying to be all futuristic with its use of stainless stell and oleophobic glass, but perhaps you're more inclined to look a little more natural. If that's the case, you might want to check out the new wood skins from Karvt.

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Review: Case Mate WalkAbout leather iPad case


We wrapped our iPad in Case Mate’s most elegant and finely crafted sleeve, the WalkAbout. If Case Mate would make a sofa out of this, I would probably not ever get up and gain 200 pounds. Think of it as Ferrari’s bucket seat for your iPad. Magnets hold the straps down, magnets you say? Don’t worry, I haven’t lost any data yet. Besides, I’m sure Case Mate put them far away from our memory chips.There’s no access to your USB connector when all tucked away unless you keep the flap up.

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