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NASA Engineer Designs Cricket Trailer for Camping Trips


As you prepare to whip out the bug spray and water filter for your annual camping trip, you might consider a little bit of NASA technology as part of that camping trip. Garret Finney worked on habitation modules for the International Space Station while working at NASA, but he has now taken that passion for efficient living to the world of camping trailers.

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Take Camping Trailers Off-Road With Moby1


When it comes to off-road touring, Moby1 has a unique trailer solution in its “expedition trailers”. These are built light-weight and therefore don't count against your gas mileage too badly. They are designed on the old teardrop trailer concept, which was popular during the 30s through the 50s, but with Moby1's own twist on the design.

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Kanz Outdoors field kitchen takes camping to a new level


When it comes to camping, you are either the rough, outback survivalist, spending your nights in a sleeping bag and living on beans, wieners or various wild nutrients, or you prefer bringing a tent and a miniature kitchen to cook full meals as if you are still at home. For the people that prefer a more “tamed” weekend surrounded by nature, but with the help of technology, the Kanz Outdoor's Field Kitchen is the right choice.

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Wood log changed forever with the Stump Stove


How often does a wood log get some technological lovin? A log is a log is a log, is it not? Not the Stump Stove. It's a log that has been cut according to the specs of the companies patent which allows it to burn five times longer than a traditionally cut firewood log. You can even extinguish it and reignite it multiple times. One single 16-inch log, depending on diameter and density, can burn well beyond 3 hours. Compare that to a typical night out camping, and you're burning anywhere from 2-6 bags of firewood.

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