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Pentax Q offers interchangeable lenses in tiniest package ever


The idea of being able to swap out your lens for certain purposes had previously been restricted to people who rock the SLR. That changed with the arrival of the NEX series from Sony and the micro four-thirds cameras from Olympus and Panasonic. Now, Pentax is taking that philosophy and going even smaller with the Pentax Q.

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Apple Bringing Back Camera for Seventh-Gen iPod Nano?


Let's take a hypothetical look inside the Apple think tank. When they were thinking about what to do with the 6th-gen nano, they thought they wanted to go smaller and they thought they wanted a touchscreen. Then, they thought they wanted to remove the camera from the 5th gen, along with the video support.

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Samsung’s HMX-Q10 “Lefty” camcorder ships next month


The kind folks over at Samsung felt your pain, and perhaps some are even left-handed, they have answered with the HMX-Q10. Created with the left-handed population in mind, the Q10 has features that allow it to be operated comfortably using your any side you please.

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Want to see yourself from a third person perspective?


The guys and gals at Instructable have put together an interesting rig that accomplishes exactly that. Basically, it allows you to create a third-person view of yourself by having a camera mounted somewhere away from your body. In the instance of the guy in the provided picture, it's the usual "behind the shoulder" view that you get in quite a few video games.

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Word Lens lets you see in another language


Your jaw may hit the floor after watching the demo video for the latest and greatest app for the iPhone. It’s called Word Lens, and it utilizes the camera on your iPhone alongside Optical Character Recognition technology to translate written words from one language to another. It can translate road signs, restaurant menus, and pretty much anything you would find useful to read in a foreign language during your travels.

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Chinese iPad 2 cases reveal rumored SD card slot?


Those random Chinese accessory makers always seem to get the jump on making products for things that aren't even released yet. That appears to be the case (no pun intended) once again with the iPad 2, because here are some protective sleeves for the upcoming tablet.

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DSLR cameras get banned by Kuwaiti government


Planning on taking a trip to the Middle East? You might want to leave your Digital Rebel at home. It seems that Kuwait has effectively banned the use of DSLR cameras in public.

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iPad OnOne DSLR remote Camera app does what all other remote camera software does


Having just lost (read: probably stolen) my camera at a hockey game, I'm in the market for a new shooter. It might be time for me to step up into the DSLR range and thanks to apps like the OnOne DSLR Camera Remote, I'm getting much more interested.

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Inon’s surf and turf underwater case for the Panasonic DMC-GF1


Unveiling its newest accessory for the Lumix DMC-GF1, Panasonic not only boasts the capabilities of the DMC to shoot on land, but also to snap photographs into the deep blue. A sleek, white aluminum alloy casing will protect the DMC for underwater adventures.

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Another leak reveals iPod touch 4 with 2MP camera, or does it?

iPod Touch 4G could be a fake, we'll have to wait and see

The DVT stamp is only added to devices when the design is very close to production-ready. And that makes sense, since the iPod line is probably due for another refresh in time for the new school year in September. What makes me want to yell fake is the fact that it's based around the old iPhone 3GS shell, wouldn't the next-generation iPod touch be a bit more resemblant of the iPhone 4?

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iPhone 4 camera tests make you look yellow


The good news? The new Apple iPhone 4 has an upgraded five-megapixel camera. The bad news? It may actually take worse pictures than the three megapixel camera on the iPhone 3GS. As it turns out, using the iPhone 4 camera under regular indoor lighting can result in some remarkably yellow-looking pictures. This is under the "warm" glow of your typical incandescent bulb.

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Sanyo dual cameras shoot full HD video, 14MP stills


We've seen no shortage of pocket camcorders on the market, but only a select few have the ability to take still photographs too. Giving you that much-needed double functionality are three new Sanyo dual cameras: VPC-GH2, VPC-CG102, and VPC-CG20.

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Iron Man 2 Blasts onto CES Show Floor with Branded Gadgets


No, you still won’t have that special energy orb thing in the middle of your chest and you still won’t have the unfathomable fortune of one Tony Stark, but you can still have some fun with Iron Man 2. Vivatar inked a special licensing deal that will see a range of branded products. More likely than not, these are the ...

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REVIEW – Samsung ST1000 Digital Camera

REVIEW  - Samsung ST1000 Digital Camera

Many of us tend to lead hyper-connected lifestyles these days and we simply cannot be bothered with all of those different cables. If you’re feeling the itch to cut a few cords, you may be interested in the Samsung ST1000 digital camera. You might remember the unboxing video that I posted last week, giving you a glimpse at what could ...

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iPod nano Gets Banned from Gyms Because of Camera

If you’ve ever been to your local gym, then you’ll know that it’s a big no-no to bring a camera into the dressing room. No one wants to see their junk posted all over the Internet. Many gyms also ban cameras from the workout area, because some people don’t want their sweaty selves so publicized either. Well, it seems that ...

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