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REVIEW – Samsung HMX-H106 SSD HD Camcorder

REVIEW - Samsung HMX-106 SSD HD Camcorder

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a high-definition video has got to be worth millions. There are some pocket camcorders out there that are capable of recording HD video, but very few can truly measure up to their more expensive counterparts. One of the most powerful (and ...

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Thanko Spy Cam Baseball Cam Is Extra Sneaky


Want to catch someone in the act? Want to perform some undercover investigation without getting caught? It seems that the crazy folks at Thanko are coming to the rescue once again, this time around with the appropriately-named Camera Cap. As you can probably figure out, this baseball cap hides a ...

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One-Up James Bond with Hi-Res Camcorder Watch

James Bond sure has more than his fair share of different products and you can get pretty funky with Inspector Gadget too. If you’re feeling the need to be a little geekier than both of them combined, you may want to consider this new JTT WACA HD 8GB wristwatch. That’s ...

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Zoom Q3 Handy Video Recorder Starts Shipping


The market for pocket camcorders has really exploded onto the scene and it seems that every soccer mom and casual videographer across the country wants to have one. It may have started with just the simple Flip Video, but now we have so many other options from Kodak, Creative, and ...

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Record 48 Hours of Driving Habits at 720×480


The daily commute to the office may not make for the most interesting of videos, but this could be fun for a spirited drive through a mountain pass. Or, you know, if you’re driving through an interesting town and you want to document the whole adventure. That appears to be ...

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GPS Geotags with New Sony HD Flash Camcorders


If you are hesitant to spend a couple hundred dollars on a new Flip UltraHD, you will be even more hesitant to drop five times that amount on a new Sony camcorder. However, the new flash memory-based camcorders from Sony offer at least a couple of huge advantages over the ...

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