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Samsung Galaxy Round Curved Smartphone Costs $1014 (Video)


Samsung has unveiled their Galaxy Round curved smartphone.

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Alleged Nexus 5 Screenshot and Log File Surfaces, Gives Us A Closer Look At Nexus 5 Specs


Loved the Nexus 4, but wished that the device had a better camera? If you had your hopes set for a 13MP OIS camera in the Nexus 5 (like in the LG G2 it is based on), you might want to sit down - luckily, you probably already are.

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Blackberry Z30 is Now Official!


It's been rumored for a while that Blackberry was working on a 5-inch handset, but now it's official! The company has unveiled the Blackberry Z30.

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iPhone 5S Official, Will Be World’s First 64-bit Smartphone!


The iPhone 5S has arrived! While the outer appearance might look quite similar to the iPhone 5, the 5S is a game-changer in one major way: its A7 64-bit processor.

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Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro Coming On September 23rd?


The Surface 2 may be just around the corner, with rumors pointing to an announcement of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 on September 23rd.

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Revealed: Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch, Note 3, New Note 10.1


This was the big Samsung day that everyone had circled on their calendars and Samsung's JK Shin delivered on the rumors that we had been hearing about for weeks.

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Nexus 5 Spotted? It Sure Looks Like It


It looks like the Nexus 5 has now been spotted! Little is known about the device, but this sure doesn't look like any current or past Nexus product.

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Microsoft Announces $7 Billion Deal to Acquire Nokia


It’s the end of an era, my friends! Microsoft has now announced a $7 billion deal to acquire Nokia.

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Acer Announces Several New Products Ahead of IFA 2013


IFA 2013 is still a few days away, but Acer is apparently not willing to wait any longer to reveal some of its newest products. Over the weekend Acer unveiled it has a new smartphone, tablet and plenty of all-in-one computers on the way.

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LG Nexus 4 Pricing Slashed Down, Now Just $199!


At $300 (no contract), the LG Nexus 4 was an excellent value. Now with a price drop to $199, the Nexus 4 is an absolute steal!

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Sony Playstation 4 Coming November 15th, Will Have 33 Games Released During Launch Window


Just the other day, Microsoft dropped a big old list of all titles heading over to the Xbox One, now it's Sony's turn. The Playstation 4 will have 33 games right around the launch window, and will arrive on November 15th.

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Microsoft Releases Big Ole’ List of All Announced Xbox One Games


Considering getting your hands on an Xbox One when it launches later this year? If so, you probably would like to know exactly what games will be available to Microsoft’s next console. Microsoft is more than happy to oblige, providing a very lengthy list of every title that has been announced so far.

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Ran into “Package File Invalid” Play Store Error? You aren’t Alone


For those fellow Android users out there, you might have noticed a strange error once or twice over the last few weeks. When attempting to download or update via Google Play, many folks have ran into a “Package File Invalid” issue. You aren't alone.

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LG G2 Official: Here’s What We Know


Now the LG G2 is official! The LG G2 brings with it impressively high-end specs, and quite a few unique “awareness” features as well.

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Moto X Official: Pricing, Specs and More


After all the rumors, speculation and hype, the Moto X is now official! The latest Motorola flagship brings quite a few interesting features, included the long-hyped customization features.

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