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Check Out This Awesome Goal By Claire Lavogez In The U-20 Women’s World Cup


France's Claire Lavogez scores a spectacular goal.

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Explore Rio de Janeiro With This Beautiful Offline Tourist Guide App For iOS And Android


GoTo Rio, a tourist guide app for iOS and Android, will allow you to explore Rio de Janeiro fully.

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FIFA World Cup Gets The Hollywood Blockbuster Treatment


2014 FIFA World Cup movie posters.

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FIFA World Cup 2014 To Be Kicked Off By Paralyzed Teen (Video)


The FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil will be kicked off by a paralyzed teen wearing a motorized exoskeleton.

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Brazil Also Under NSA’s Radar


The NSA has allegedly been doing their spying works on Brazil for the past decade.

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Introducing, the Brazilian IPhone


If you are headed to Brazil in the near future, be careful if you go shopping for a phone. The Brazilian company Gradiente is selling an Android phone called IPhone.

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