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New Boeing Space Capsule to Fly NASA Astronauts to ISS


Most of us are familiar with the Boeing name, having flown on one of their planes to get to this place or that, but the Chicago-based corporations also has ambitions that take us beyond the Earth's atmosphere. Near NASA's Johnson Space Center is Boeing's Houston Product Support Center and it was there that they revealed the full scale version of the CST-100 spacecraft.

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Video: Boeing’s CHAMP Missle Drone Flying EMP Weapon Will Knock Out Enemy Electronics


Do you remember in the Matrix movie when the crew was getting chased down by those flying squid-like sentinels? Do you remember how they said their only weapon against their mechanized foes was an EMP, or an electromagnetic pulse? Well, now Boeing has developed a missile with electronic-killing EMP-like capabilities, knocking out computers and electronics as it flies overhead.

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Boeing’s Sonic Cruiser Is Back


Boeing came out with their Sonic Cruiser design almost a decade ago, but they killed it later on and shifted to the slower, but more fuel-efficient 787 Dreamliner. Now it appears like a team of Boeing engineers is still working on the Sonic Cruiser project.

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Care to sleep in the Cockpit Suite of a Boeing 747 jumbo jet?


Maybe the Holiday Inn isn't for you. Maybe you're inclined to say nada to Ramada. You want a unique layover experience and that may include staying at a hotel you may not have imagined existed. The next time you happen to be out in Stockholm, you can sleep inside of a jumbo jet. That's because they have converted a grounded Boeing 747 into the world's first "Jumbo Hostel."

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US Navy gets Mk 38 Mod 2 Tactical Laser System


Boeing might be a company better known for developing all kinds of aircraft, but they do other things, too. For instance, Boeing partnered up with BAE Systems to develop an advanced laser weapon system for the United States Navy. The net result is this: The Mk 38 Mod 2 Tactical Laser System.

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Skycouch Cuddle Class Takes Off with Air New Zealand


If you're a frequent flyer like me and have been on a couple of long haul flights, then you'll know how tough it can be to catch some shuteye during those 10+ hours in the air. Air New Zealand could help the couples in the audience, because they've just launched the "cuddle class" on select flights.

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Boeing to unleash hydrogen-powered Phantom Eye with 450 pounds of payload

Boeing Phantom Eye hydrogen-powered unmanned bomber plane

Capable of flying at 65,000 feet for four days straight with its 150 foot wingspan and 450 pound payload, the Phantom Eye will surely keep any neighboring infidels in check. Powering the aircraft are dual 2.3-liter, four-cylinder engines that provide 150 horsepower each, although not stealthy, the cruising speed of approximately 150 knots is enough to conduct surveillance or just drop a few bombs on the “enemy.”

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