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Ontario Cell Phone Ban Kicks in October 26


Remember a few months ago when we learned that cell phones would be banned in Ontario? This would follow in teh footsteps of other jurisdictions, like California, where it is unlawful to use your handheld cell phone while behind the wheel of a vehicle. At the time, we didn’t know too much regarding the particulars, but we’ve learned a little ...

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Tiny Micro MP3 Player No Bigger than Just Earphones


Sure, it may not be able to do HD radio like the new Zune HD. Sure, it may not be able to shoot videos on the fly like the new iPod nano. That much may be true, but the MP3 Micro Sport from Thanko has got to be one of the smallest music players on the market today. This thing ...

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Verbatim Rises to Occasion with Easy Riser Mouse Family

As mobile professionals and gadget geeks on the go, you want to have as much functionality and utility on the road as you have from the comfort of your own home. That’s might by why some of you have abandoned desktops in favor of a laptop-only experience, but what about the mouse? You want portability, but you want comfort too. ...

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Talk to the Hand with Bluetooth Color Rings

You know the universal hand signal for a telephone? You know you can talk into your pinky finger and listen to the other end of the conversation on your thumb? YOu want to have an Inspector Gadget or James Bond like communication experience? Look no further than the Color Rings by BCK design team. Instead of latching a traditional Bluetooth ...

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REVIEW – Yubz Magnum Stereo Bluetooth Speaker


Now that the iPhone can do the stereo Bluetooth thing, I have a burning suspicion that the market for stereo Bluetooth products could be on the rise in the months to follow. You could certainly invest in a set of stereo Bluetooth headphones to enjoy your music, but what if you want to share those tunes with the people around ...

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Going Even Faster with Bluetooth 3.0 + High Speed (24Mbps)


In chatting with one of my friends online the other day, he decried the lack of wireless sync for his iPhone. I told him about Google Sync for contacts and calendar, but he was more interested in a wireless way to sync his iTunes library. I thought there might have been some sort of Bluetooth workaround, but he said that ...

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