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Sniffing and intercepting Bluetooth with Ubertooth One


WiFi sniffers are a dime a dozen, allowing hackers and "troubleshooters" monitor wireless networks with ease. However, there appears to be a shortage of affordable Bluetooth sniffers. Michael Ossmann wants to change that.

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Record your cell phone calls with Mynah Bluetooth device


he Mynah Bluetooth cell phone recorder could prove very useful for people who need to, well, record their phone calls. Im no legal expert, but I understand that it is generally allowed for you to record your phone calls, so long as both parties involved are aware that the call is being recorded. Some jurisdictions only need one party to consent, meaning you could record any call you choose. With that in mind, the Mynah sounds like the most convenient way to do it.

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CONTEST: Mobile Magazine Gadget Grab Bag Giveaway!


How do you like the new digs? As you may have noticed Mobile Magazine has just undergone a bit of an extreme makeover. We want to celebrate the new look by giving away some fabulous prizes. You do like winning free stuff, right? That’s why we’re here to hook you up! How Do I Enter? How Can I Win? All ...

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Six new Jabra headsets, all with Lync and touchscreens


Feel like stretching out that corporate expense account with a few new toys? It looks like Jabra has gone headset crazy, announcing no fewer than six brand new headsets this week. The kicker is that they all come paired with their own little touchscreen displays and they all play nice with Microsoft Lync.

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Giving your heart its very own IP address


Wireless technology often looked upon as a means for communication and resourcefulness, can also mean the difference between life and death for some people. Take cardiac patients for example, many have an implanted defibrillator that is designed to give an automatic "shock" every time their heart rate takes a spike.

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Sony Ericsson LiveView extends your phone to a nano-like display


Basically, the Sony Ericsson LiveView is a Bluetooth external cell phone screen that pushes most of the functionality from your phone onto its 1.3-inch OLED display. You can read RSS, check Facebook, and do whatever else without ever taking your phone out of your pocket.

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Should there be a total ban on ANY cell phone use while driving?


You could be living anywhere from Toronto to Los Angeles, with the majority of cities having one sort of law or another preventing the use of handheld devices while driving. And now, a safety group wants to take things one step further by outright banning cell "conversations" regardless of any hands-free device used.

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BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth headset enables noise-free calls

Blueant Q2 Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Blueant's new Q2 bluetooth wireless headset may not be as crystal clear as having a person next to you, buts its claiming to be the closest out there. 1.5 years after the Q1 was released, Bluant has revealed the new Q2, and if it all works out as they have planned, the wait will well worth it.

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Get tougher with BlueAnt T1 rugged Bluetooth headset


We've seen more than our fair share of rugged cell phones. We've also seen all sorts of rugged notebooks, PDAs, and other handheld electronics. What if you want to keep your hands free when you're using these rough and tough gadgets? BlueAnt has the ticket, it seems, because they're issuing a rugged Bluetooth headset.What you see here is the new BlueAnt T1. It may look like any number of other Bluetooth headsets with its earloop and plain black appearance, but this is supposed to be one of the toughest headsets on the market today. Solid Snake would approve.

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SafeCell app uses Bluetooth to make in-flight passenger communications cheap


Making a phone call on any international or domestic flight is going to cost you a pretty penny, some airlines in Europe, Asia and the Middle East offer GSM Picocell connections for in-flight calling, others like Lufthansa use a SkyPhone service. Regardless of how a the call is made it's going to cost you about $10 a minute.A company called ASiQ, based in Melbourne Australia has announced a new SafeCell App in conjunction with a Bluetooth access point for airlines to offer passengers affordable SMS, MMS, voice messaging and text email from their mobile phones.

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Jabra’s Clipper Bluetooth stereo headset is more discreet


Sick and tired of the same old look and feel of the majority of Bluetooth cyborg headsets out there? Think it’s time for some discretion and comfort (and maybe some funky colors, depending on your choice)? Here's the Jabra Clipper to save your stylish ass.

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Google Nexus One desktop dock arrives


Put the rumors to rest. Google announced a custom designed Nexus One Desktop Dock. A sleek design to slip your Nexus into, immediately activating the Clock app giving quick access to your alarm setting, local weather, photos, and music. There's even a dim option for night use.

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Never Forget Your Phone Again with ZOMM Keychain


It’s happened to the best of us. We head out the door, double-checking our pockets to make sure we have everything we need, only to discover that we forgot our prized cell phone at home. We can’t be left incommunicative with the rest of the world, can we? If you’re tired of forgetting your phone at home or at the ...

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BlueAnt Stereo F4 Interphone Motorcycle Kit Does BT

People who ride around on four wheels have the opportunity to use a series of different Bluetooth car kits. They can use a headset, speakerphone, or even something integrated into the car stereo. BlueAnt is paying a little attention to the two-wheeled counterparts with the launch of the Stereo F4 Interphone Motorcycle Kit. It may be winter and you may ...

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REVIEW – Scosche solCHAT Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speakerphone

REVIEW - Scosche solCHAT Solar Bluetooth Speakerphone

It is illegal to use a handheld cell phone while driving in California. A similar cell phone ban recently kicked in over in the province of Ontario. While you could certainly partake in a regular Bluetooth headset or even a wired headset, it may be more comfortable in the long run to consider a Bluetooth speakerphone instead. One of the ...

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