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Blind Dog Kellar Plays Fetch Using Smell And Sound (Video)


Although he is a blind dog, Kellar loves playing fetch with his owner.

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Smart Glasses Offer Augmented Reality Vision to the Blind


You can have some vision above zero and still be considered legally blind. In fact, that's the case for most people who we would consider blind, but these smart glasses could elevate their vision abilities even better by way of augmented reality... sort of.

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Alpha IMS Retinal Prosthesis Restores Sight to the Blind


However, it's not just rats that are getting their vision supplemented by science. Nine blind human patients have been outfitted with the Alpha IMS retinal prosthesis, effectively "curing" their blindness and allowing them to see again.

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Prototype Glasses Provide Over 180-Degree Vision to the Blind?


But what if you are completely blind? Is there a solution for that? Designer Xu Guang-suo sure thinks so and that's how he came up with the Navigation Glasses for the Blind.

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The sweet taste of vision for the blind


Four years ago, the University of Montreal made ABC headlines while testing the “BrainPort vision” device. In the study, a blind volunteer strapped what appeared to be a webcam mounted on safety glasses to his forehead and slipped a small electrical grid on a wide, flat orange tether into his mouth – and used his tongue to see. Though only ...

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