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AT&T to Launch BlackBerry Bold in White

As nice as the BlackBerry Bold may be, the smartphone may not fit with your personal tastes in fashion. Maybe you don’t like the jet black appearance and you want something with a little more personality. Well, Research in Motion and AT&T could have just the thing for you, because ...

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BlackBerry Tour Lands at Sprint Sans Camera

We all seem to know that smartphones have become virtual Swiss army knives for us, packing more and more functionality into those pocket-sized handsets. Sometimes, however, you don’t want all of those features. For times like those, you can turn to the people at Sprint, who have just ripped the ...

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Video Walkthrough of BlackBerry 9700 Bold (Onyx)

The original BlackBerry Bold 9000 represented the pinnacle of what Research in Motion could do with the BlackBerry platform. It was the most powerful handset of the bunch and it also happened to be one of the bulkier options. Sure, we got a touchscreen with the BlackBerry Storm, but the ...

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BlackBerry Tour Arrives at Alltel Wireless


Alltel customers in the market for a new smartphone should probably listen up, because it doesn’t seem like you guys will be getting an Android phone or an iPhone any time soon. Fret not, however, because you’re getting a hot new RIM option in the form of the BlackBerry Tour ...

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BlackBerry Getting Support for Silverlight and Full Flash


Part of the reason that we are forced to use dedicated YouTube applications on many smartphones is that the embedded browsers cannot handle Flash content. Research in Motion recognizes this frustration, so it’s working on a fully integrated solution. More specifically, the boys at RIM are planning an updated version ...

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Surf the BlackBerry App World on Your Computer


With the iPhone’s App Store, you have the opportunity to browse through the catalog either on your phone or on your computer through iTunes. Up until now, the only way that you could look at the available apps for the BlackBerry was on your BlackBerry. Not anymore! It may have ...

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Nokia Teams Up with Microsoft to Topple BlackBerry

And the smartphone battlefield just took on a major facelift. It’s undeniable that the BlackBerry series from Research in Motion is the preferred business device for corporate customers, but a new alliance could topple that domination. Microsoft and Nokia are buddying up. This isn’t quite as epic as a true ...

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Vodafone Selling BlackBerry Curve 8520 for Free


Want to get your hands on the hottest new smartphone coming out of Waterloo, Ontario? Want to try your hand at that new trackpad that replaces the iconic trackball? Want to do it for free? Vodafone sure thinks so and that’s why it’s ready to give you the BlackBerry 8520 ...

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Capacitive-Resistive Hybrid Touchscreen Patented by RIM


Touchscreens, if you’ll pardon the bad pun, are a very touchy subject. On the one hand, people love the capacitive screen of devices like the Apple iPhone. That’s because they offer a smooth multi-touch finger-friendly experience. On the other hand, there is still value in the resistive touchscreen, because they’re ...

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