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Official RIM Slides Leaked with BlackBerry 10 L-Series Details


RIM is making a big push this year with BlackBerry 10 and now a leaked document from Waterloo is showing off all kinds of official details about the upcoming L-Series smartphone.

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Blackberry Z10 to Arrive in Black and White Color Variations


Now we have yet another leak, this time showing off the Blackberry Z10 handset in black and white color variations.

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New High Res Photos of the BlackBerry Z10


This weekend, some more high resolution pictures of the upcoming BlackBerry Z10 model were leaked. The BlackBerry Z10 is the new all touch screen Blackberry device, and their attempt to modernize the Blackberry brand.

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Blackberry L-Series Z10 Handset Will Have 2GB of RAM


While RIM devices have a premium and “business-like” design to them, when it comes to modern features and operating systems, the Blackberry line has certainly fallen behind. It looks like Blackberry 10 is set to change the game, however.

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