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Blackberry Z10 Getting Price Slashed, As Little as a Penny on Amazon

It still remains seen whether or not BB10 has what it takes to eventually renew interest in the platform, but the Z10 is now getting several price cuts.

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BlackBerry A10 Mid Range Smartphone Surfaces


We have a leaked image of the mid range BlackBerry A10 smartphone.

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T-Mobile Drops Cellphone Contracts


T-Mobile has become the first of the big four US-based carriers to do away with service contracts.

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BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone Review

bb-z10 (7)

On paper, the BlackBerry Z10 is quite competitive with the iPhone 5 and most higher end Android devices, except that its 4.2-inch screen is noticeably smaller than the much larger Android phones with their 4.7+ inch displays these days.

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Sprint To Launch BlackBerry Q10, Not the Blackberry Z10


Sprint will be launching the BlackBerry Q10, a QWERTY BlackBerry 10 device, on their network, instead of the BlackBerry Z10 which is headed to AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile in the very near future.

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Video: Unboxing the BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone


Research in Motion has wiped the slate clean, so to speak, with its launch of the new BlackBerry 10 operating system and the brand new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. We've gotten our hands on a review unit courtesy of Telus and I've put together a quick overview and unboxing video for you to enjoy.

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No Budget BlackBerry 10 Smartphones Planned for 2013


It seemed like a safe assumption. With the arrival of the BlackBerry Z10, we figured that the company previously known as RIM would move forward with the BlackBerry 10 platform alone, fleshing out its lineup accordingly. And we would be wrong. Whereas the BlackBerry line used to run all the way from cheap Pearls and Curves to more expensive Bolds and Storms, it seems that the new BlackBerry 10 is focused on the high-end only.

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Blackberry Z10 Breaking Launch Records in the UK and Canada

Blackberry Z10

The Blackberry Z10 is already here in the United Kingdom and Canada, so how's it selling so far? Actually, the initial launch seems to be going quite well.

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Blackberry Q10 Still Many Months Away From U.S. Launch


Thorsten Heinsthe has now revealed that the Blackbbery Q10 will not be introduced to the U.S. until 8-10 weeks after the release of the Blackberry Z10.

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Blackberry Z10 Now Available In Canada Through Rogers, Telus and Bell

Blackberry Z10

The Blackberry Z10 has now arrived to Canada through Bell, Telus, and Rogers with prices ranging from $139.95 to $149, all with 3-year contracts required.

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T-Mobile USA Getting BlackBerry Z10 on March 27


While we heard some non-specific rumblings about the BlackBerry Z10 making its way to the United States "in a couple months," now we have some harder evidence saying it'll debut with T-Mobile on March 27.

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Blackberry Z10 Showing Up Unlocked on Ebay, For $1000+


Desperately wanting the new Blackberry Z10? For those with near-endless supplies of cash, you can always hit up Ebay and pay $1000+ for the new handset.

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Lack of Apps Is Still Going to Kill BlackBerry 10


In an editorial posted on CNET, Ben Parr goes out on a limb and says that the upcoming BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 smartphones will not be able to save BlackBerry and he boils it down to two reasons: the children and the apps.

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Blackberry Q10 and Blackberry Z10 Official, Launching Tomorrow in UK


Blackberry Q10 and Blackberry Z10 are now official. For the moment, little is known about exact release or pricing details, however.

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Possible Blackberry Z10 Price Tag Revealed?


Right now pricing structures for the upcoming Blackberry Z10 is pretty hushed up. Luckily a new leak seems to fill in the blanks a little more.

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