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BlackBerry Storm 3 leaked


I've never been a fan of the BlackBerry Storm. Some people say that the touchscreen got better with the Storm 2, but if I'm going to go the 'Berry route, I want to have that great QWERTY keyboard. That isn't stopping RIM from pushing it forward, though, as evidenced by this apparent spy shot.

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New BlackBerry Storm 3 is really a BlackBerry slider?

BlackBerry Slider phone

It seems that the boys and girls at Research in Motion have been keeping pretty busy. We've seen two generations of the BlackBerry Storm already, but there are still people like me who would prefer to have a physical keyboard. How are they going to appease the masses? Based on these leaked photos, it seems they're doing it with a BlackBerry slider phone.

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First Hands-On Video: BlackBerry Storm 9550 (Storm 2)

The original BlackBerry Storm represented the first time that Research in Motion equipped one of its handhelds with a touchscreen display. The RIM executives admit that it wasn’t exactly perfect, so did they get more things right with its successor? Embedded below could be the first public video ever recorded ...

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Lock BlackBerry Storm Screen During Phone Calls


The first generation of any kind of product usually has its fair share of shortcomings. With the Apple iPhone, we witnessed a lack of copy-and-paste, for example. With the BlackBerry Storm, for whatever reason, the screen does not automatically lock when you are in a voice call. Thankfully, there is ...

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