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BlackBerry Tag with NFC adds “Bump” to Berries


Well, the same kind of idea is now heading to a Berry near you, because Research in Motion has announced the upcoming BlackBerry Tag app for its smartphone devices.

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BlackBerry Bold Smartphones get NFC, OS7 and Touchscreen


If you were just to look at the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Bold 9930, you probably wouldn't think much of them. They look a heck of a lot like existing Bold phones, except that they happen to be a fair bit thinner at 10.5mm. However, it's the stuff under the hood that'll have RIM fans interested.

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Virgin Mobile Q4 roadmap reveals Bold 9780, Galaxy S


It used to be that Virgin Mobile was the cheap alternative and it was loaded up with all the cheap phones. That's not the case anymore, because the carrier is getting just as many hot devices as its big brand counterparts. Looking at this leaked Q4 roadmap, there are more than a couple phones to catch your attention.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 successfully runs BB OS 6 (Video)


One of the hottest features on the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 is the new BlackBerry OS 6. What if you don't want a slide-out keyboard or touchscreen display? Well, based on this video, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 has no trouble with the new OS.

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How you hold your phone can hurt you: Death grip increases radiation exposure

Tawkon App on the iPhone showing radiation levels

As if dropped calls weren’t bad enough, the “death grip” actually increases the amount of radio frequency radiation being pumped from our cell phones into our skulls. Tawkon, an Israeli mobile software company released a video showing its app measuring radiation output of an iPhone 4, BlackBerry Bold, and Google Nexus One.

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Apple’s $100 million test chamber, Droid Eris and Blackberry Bold 9700 suffer the same


In addition to Apple’s press conference this morning, which is now available to watch online at the Apple website, Apple unveiled their massive 100 million dollar test chamber. I call it the clockwork orange room. Here engineers spend thousands of hours being repro.. er testing the iPhone 4. They knew good and well ahead of time that it would lose signal when you held it a certain way.

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Ringtone Expressions Giving Away BlackBerry Bold 9700


The BlackBerry Bold 9700 (Onyx) won’t officially be released on any particular carrier until some time next month, but you can secure yourself one of the hottest new smartphones before then… and you could get one for free. CrackBerry and Ringtone Expressions have partnered up for a pretty cool contest and the grand prize is worth over $700. In a ...

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Go Hands-On with BlackBerry Bold 9700 Today (Sorta)

The BlackBerry Bold 9700, previously known by its Onyx codename, isn’t set for an official release with any wireless carrier until some time next month, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your hands on one right now. Well, sort of. The people at Research in Motion want to give you an idea of what it will be like ...

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Rogers Wireless Confirms BlackBerry Bold 9700


Coinciding with the sister announcement from Research in Motion, Rogers Wireless has come forward to officially announce that it will be adding the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone to its lineup in “the coming weeks.” The assumption is that this Bold 2, so to speak, will be ready for public consumption some time in November. We’ve known about the existence ...

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What We Know about Wind Mobile Launch: Plans, Phones, Surface

The landscape for Canadian wireless carriers is about to undergo one massive change. In addition to the monumental shift to HSPA by Telus and Bell Mobility, we’re getting ready for a couple of new players as well. We already know about Dave Wireless, but what does Wind Mobile have up its proverbial sleeve? The details surrounding the initial monthly rate ...

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Video Walkthrough of BlackBerry 9700 Bold (Onyx)

The original BlackBerry Bold 9000 represented the pinnacle of what Research in Motion could do with the BlackBerry platform. It was the most powerful handset of the bunch and it also happened to be one of the bulkier options. Sure, we got a touchscreen with the BlackBerry Storm, but the Bold is still arguably the better ‘Berry. Well, it’s about ...

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