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Blackberry 10 SDK Final Version Will be Ready by December 11th

Blackberry 10

The final version of the RIM Blackberry 10 software development kit is almost ready, with RIM planning to release the “gold' version into the hands of developers on the 11th of December.

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RIM Blackberry 10 will have 100,000 Quality Apps at Launch, says RIM CEO

RIM Blackberry 10

With RIM gearing up for their big January 30th release event for Blackberry 10, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins talked a little about the importance of apps with BB10, and what kind of direction that company planned on taking.

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Blackberry Users gets a New free Voice Chat Feature in BBM7


With most of RIM's efforts going towards finally getting Blackberry 10 up and running, older versions of Blackberry tend to be left out when it comes to exciting new features and additions. With that in mind, RIM is throwing a pretty cool feature out for currently Blackberry users. The newest version of BBM 7 will feature Wi-Fi voice chat through a new “BBM Voice” option.

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RIM’s Blackberry 10 OS arrives on January 30th: is it too little, too late?


RIM fans are dropping off rather quickly, jumping ship to other platforms like Windows Phone, Android and iOS. The company's big hope is that the upcoming Blackberry 10 OS takes off and is the salvation they are waiting for. With that in mind, we now have an official launch date-- January 30th.

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No BlackBerry 10 Update Coming for BlackBerry 7 Devices


Did you buy a BlackBerry 7 smartphone with the hope that you'd be able to upgrade to BlackBerry 10 when the new OS became available? Well, Research in Motion has effectively dashed that dream to pieces.

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RIM Confirms BlackBerry 10 Devices Will Have Keyboards


As I mentioned in my post last week, it's still a little murky as to whether the team in Waterloo will opt for a Torch-like slider form or a Bold-like bar phone for the keyboard-touting BB10 device, but it's just as likely that they could go in both directions

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RIM BlackBerry 10 Device Unveiling This August


This is it. This just might be the last major attempt for Research in Motion to become relevant and competitive in the smartphone market. The first BlackBerry 10 device will reportedly be unveiled around the middle of August, followed by a launch some time in the first half of October.

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Revealed: BlackBerry London Superphone with BlackBerry 10


What you see here is the first semi-official look at the BlackBerry London, the very first RIM superphone to be powered by the new BlackBerry 10 platform.

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