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Blackberry X10 Handset Coming January 30th?


Blackberry 10 is almost here, and with that it mind, it seems that the Blackberry Z10 and X10 will both be following the launch shortly after.

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RIM Gathers Nearly 20,000 New Apps Ahead of BlackBerry 10 Release


About one week ago, RIM launched its latest attempt to gather apps with the Last Chance Android Port-a-Thon event. The suspected last in a series of events promising developers $100 for every approved app submitted by developers, 20 max.

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Official RIM Slides Leaked with BlackBerry 10 L-Series Details


RIM is making a big push this year with BlackBerry 10 and now a leaked document from Waterloo is showing off all kinds of official details about the upcoming L-Series smartphone.

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15,000 apps submitted for Blackberry 10


Recently RIM held a Blackberry 10 app port-a-thon weekend, promising $100 per approved app, a chance to win a Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha device and free Playbooks. Since then, the competition has come and gone and there were a staggering 15,000 Blackberry 10 apps submitted for approval.

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Blackberry Z10 to Arrive in Black and White Color Variations


Now we have yet another leak, this time showing off the Blackberry Z10 handset in black and white color variations.

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Blackberry 10-based X10 Poses For Camera


While I'm personally more excited in Blackberry's all-touch Z10 handset, and its impressive predictive virtual keyboard, there are certainly many RIM Blackberry fans that are still very much into their physical keyboards.

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Blackberry L-Series Z10 Handset Will Have 2GB of RAM


While RIM devices have a premium and “business-like” design to them, when it comes to modern features and operating systems, the Blackberry line has certainly fallen behind. It looks like Blackberry 10 is set to change the game, however.

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RIM Will Reward BB10 Devs with $100 Per Android App Ported


Research in Motion has announced a virtual event called Android Port-A-Thon. The idea here is to get developers to port their Android apps over to BlackBerry 10 and RIM is willing to pay you to do it.

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Blackberry 10 Handsets Will Be Stock by All Major UK Carriers


Recently we've reported on the hardware for the Blackberry L-Series, and we've even shown off detailed screen-shots of the new Blackberry 10 OS. RIM's latest OS and hardware certainly seems to be shaping up as something worthy of interest, but it all boils down to carrier support.

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Blackberry 10 Will Have Roughly 70,000 Apps at Launch


Blackberry 10 is just around the corner and with it comes a whole new era for RIM. Whether or not the changes that come with BB10 will be enough remains unseen, but one thing is for sure: in today's age you need apps to succeed.

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High-quality Images of Blackberry 10 Leak to the Net


We've already seen quite a few high quality images of the Blackberry 10-based L-Series handset. What about the actual interface itself? Now a new leak shows off screenshots detailing the new Blackberry 10 OS.

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In-Depth Photos of the Blackberry L-Series Hit the Net


Curious about BB10, or more specifically the fullscreen touch Blackberry L-Series? Thanks to Tinhte.vn we now have in-depth photos that show the overall design and styling found in the L-Series.

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Blackberry 10 Keyboard-Wielding Model will Arrive Shortly After L-Series

Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10 is coming, with the first new device expected shortly after RIM's early 2013 Blackberry 10 launch event. There are said to be two devices, one will have a full touchscreen and the other will stick to a more traditional physical keyboard approach.

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Can Blackberry 10 Return RIM to Profitability?


Early next year, RIM will officially launch BB10 and help catapult Blackberry devices into a fresh and new future. There has been quite a bit of hype and positive talk surrounding the upcoming release, and RIM's stock prices have went up recently as a direct result.

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Blackberry 10 Revealed in Demo Video


We're looking forward to the 2013 launch of Blackberry 10, which is expected to come January 30th if all goes according to plan. Devices sporting the new OS will be expected to follow just weeks after. So what will BB10 have that will keep RIM in the game?

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